Do as We Say… And Do: A Peek Behind Our Brand Refresh

(June 25, 2013) – SVG has grown, the range of our services has expanded, and media technology is forever doing its thing—creating new problems and opportunities. 

Therefore, we have come to a place where we need to do for ourselves what we encourage all of you to do: redesign our web site, produce a marketing video, and refresh our brand.

There are several reasons why SVG (and any company or organization) wants to update their company brand and web site.  For starters, we are constantly adding blogs, links, text, and video content to our web site, thereby slowly outgrowing the technical infrastructure of the current site.

We need to be sure that we can functionally handle future volumes and complexity of content while at the same time presenting a sharp new look that effectively represents who we are as a company.

Second, just as we counsel our clients, we too need to articulate who we are, what we do, and why our work is a cut above everyone else.

What better format to communicate all this than in a marketing video?

Not only does this message need to be conveyed cohesively throughout the entire site in written form, but in a professional marketing video available on the web site and spread across our social media channels.

Nothing can give a company or organization more bang for their marketing buck than a well-produced, well-positioned video.

And finally, we are planning to refresh our brand.

Contemporary branding is a powerful visual way to show that you are a dynamic company that is up-to-date and on the move—without saying a word.

The brand or logo is the foundation from which all other marketing collateral is built, and it is where we decided to first turn our attention.  SVG has changed a lot since our inception in 2005, and it is time our logo reflected that we have come of age.

Look to see these changes by the Fall of 2013.