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Personal Branding- How to Build a Brand

On April 4th, Skillman Video Group, a Boston video production company,was asked to shoot a presentation at the New England School of Acupuncture. The presentation was made by Robert Gracey. Mr. Gracey earned his Masters in Acupuncture from the N.E.S.A. The footage is to be used in helping Mr. Gracey with his video marketing. He will use it on his website and social media accounts to help build his brand.

Importance of Branding

As mentioned above, Skillman Video Group and Robert Gracey have worked together on numerous occasions. Between branding videos and client testimonials, SVG has  helped Mr. Gracey build his brand through content marketing. We have worked with him on an ongoing basis to optimize his videos. By doing this, we are helping ensure that his videos show up in Google and YouTube searches. This live event was just another opportunity for him to provide content to his potential clients.

Video Marketing & Branding

The reason for the shoot was to help Mr. Gracey with his content marketing. It was not necessary for a full crew to participate in the live event. This was because we just needed to capture some footage that Mr. Gracey could use on his website and social media accounts. We stress to our clients that they need to take every opportunity possible to record content. Everything they say or do is a chance to help build their video marketing strategy. It is important for our clients to turn everything they do into content. You can never have enough content and it can be used in a variety of ways. In other words, the more content the better.

When building a brand you need people to see what it is you have to offer. Providing them with content does just that.

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