The Main Benefits OF Video Marketing

Are you more inclined to go with traditional marketing methods? Do you consider video marketing to be uncharted territory and definitely something that you find daunting? It’s time to lay your inhibitions and misgivings to rest because video is definitely where it’s at. If you don’t know the first thing about it, you can simply engage a video production company to help you, but to not tap the potential of video is to allow yourself to trail behind your competitors. The following are some of the major benefits that will convince you to give video marketing a chance:

  1. Your customers spend a lot of time watching videos. YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet; that ought to tell you something. You’re probably guilty of spending too much time watching videos yourself. This should show you that this is a marketing opportunity not to be missed, so if you were smart, you’d make haste creating videos in aid of marketing.
  2. Video is highly searchable and easily sharable. Google a key phrase and if there’s a corresponding video, it will show right at the top of the results. Video results show up about 70 percent of the time, so if you’re doing SEO, video can certainly help this cause. Not only is it easy to search for videos, it is also easy to share them. People are sharing them all over the place. They’re embedded in websites, blogs, social networking sites, etc.
  3. Video is mobile. If you’re doing mobile marketing, you should definitely consider making a short mobile video ad. Mobile videos have a much higher completion rate than other online videos. People would be willing to indulge you for 30 seconds when they’re on their mobile devices.
  4. Video levels the playing field. While it’s true that bigger brands have more money for video seeding and media buying, they don’t have a monopoly on creativity. By coming up with something truly engaging and targeted, you can easily get more views than your bigger rivals.
  5. Video is measurable. YouTube and other video hosting sites allow you see extensive viewer data, so you can better evaluate the success of your effort. You can use the information for future videos.

Video, of course, is popular for a reason. It simply presents more emotional benefits than other media since it allows you to use different senses to absorb its message. Considering this, it’s safe to say that video marketing pushes for a better connection with your audience.

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