New video mobile apps give businesses video marketing campaigns a chance for more viewers

(May 25, 2012) – Creating the hottest phone app is the ultimate dream for programmers and entrepreneurs, like the inventors of the photo-sharing app Instagram, which was recently bought by Facebook for $1 billion.

Hoping to be the next Instagram, there are two apps that use video as their sharing medium: SocialCam and Viddy.

These two apps open up another realm in the social media world that businesses need to get involved in for video marketing purposes. While both apps can be accessed through their online sites, the bulk of their content sharing and users will be through their mobile apps.

More and more, social media sites are being visited through mobile devices rather than computers, and businesses are jumping on this bandwagon.

According to the blog Ad Age Digital, SocialCam “operates like a mini social network for videos. More than 50 million monthly active users can record videos from their mobile phones or upload existing videos, add filters or soundtracks, and consume and comment on other users’ videos.”.

Big businesses like General Electric and PepsiCo have their own pages on SocialCam and have begun uploading videos.

New video mobile apps give businesses video marketing campaigns a chance for more viewers 1
SocialCam and Viddy are vying to be the next Instagram of video.

Viddy, which has been around longer, has slightly fewer users (36 million), and limits the videos that you record to just 15 seconds. This is less helpful for businesses to promote themselves, but perhaps this will prove successful for some who are up to the task and can take advantage of the short attention spans of some viewers.

We are now in an age where user generated content is extremely popular, almost overwhelmingly so.

Every person with a phone can produce content for the world to see. While the internet is saturated with video content, it is a struggle to find the best.

Hiring a professional video production company can provide your business with what an amateur cannot. Not only are our technical skills top-notch, we use state-of-the-art equipment, and our filmmaking backgrounds provide years of expertise, but fundamentally, we at Skillman Video Group are storytellers. We will take your provided raw material and transform it into a script, shoot it, and edit it until it is sculpted into a piece that represents your business.

It’s hard to keep up marketing your business nowadays with all these places on the internet constantly popping up.

Even though it is a lot of work, it is important to frequently update all of your websites, blogs, and social media platforms with fresh content and join new ones when they come along.