Producing Online Commercials

How to Create Online Videos

In these three examples, Skillman Video Group has created a short video advertisement for the client, who in this case is an equipment financing and leasing business. The purpose of this web commercial is to promote the client, provide viewers with an idea of what services the business offers and it reflects the brand of the client. In this case, the videos use wild special effects and exaggerated circumstances to illustrate situations where equipment leasing is needed.

These videos were filmed on set in a Red Sky Studio in Allston, MA. They required an extensive team of specialized individuals and experts to ensure that production went off without a hitch. Assembling a crew this large is expensive, which means that every second of studio time must be pre-planned and everyone must follow an organized schedule. Sometimes, working under such tight constraints can be stressful because of the pressure to get each shot done right, but our New England professional video production team is both skilled and experienced, so we always arrive to set prepared and confident!

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As previously stated, there is a large array of professionals with assorted specializations that are needed on set during video production. Here is a short list of the some of the different types of people that our Boston video production company hired for this particular shoot.

  • Art Director  – is responsible for the overall visual style of the shoot – they create the initial design and designs the props that will be used on set
  • Director of Photography – is in charge of the camera crews on set, and they make the artistic and technical decisions related to cinematography, they also usually have an assistant
  • Costume Director – this individual is a fashion professional and is responsible for creating the look and mood for the actors involved in the production. They also usually have an assistant
  • Hair and Makeup Artist is responsible for creating make and hair designs for the actors and then repeated executing them for each day of production. If the production is large enough there can be an entire hair and makeup team
  • Studio Manager is in charge of the production budget and must make sure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan during production, and they organize the business, finance and employment
  • Special Effects Team – this group is lead by a special effects supervisor and they plan and execute live, visual special effects that take place during production. For example, they would create explosions, major stunts and dramatic weather

As you can see from this sample list, there are a lot of different people needed on set. Each of these professionals is typically hired specifically for the shoot, so they are being paid for their time during production. It is important to choose your team wisely and hire groups that you are comfortable working with to ensure that your video production goes smoothly.

One of the most important steps in professional video production in New England is selecting your actors. They are the faces of your business in the video you are producing, so it is very crucial to pick the right people. For these three example videos, our SVG casting team worked with a professional casting director to choose the right actors for our client by holding a short casting session. Over the course of two days we auditioned over one-hundred candidates and narrowed it down to thirteen talented actors that fit the tone and brand of our client.

Pre-Production Planning

In order to have a successful shoot, most of the work must be completed during pre-production. For these three videos, our team at SVG had six weeks of pre-production work. During this time our team of writers and artists created scripts, storyboards, shot lists and a very tight schedule planning out the entire day on set. It may seem exhausting to construct such a detailed and in-depth schedule for what could be only three days on set, but it is critical that everyone on set knows exactly what is happening and where they need to be so that our professional video production team can maximize our time with these professionals and get the most out of our time in the studio. Boston video production is expensive, for example when incorporating special effects like explosions or stunts, each time that the effect is performed costs money, so getting the shot right on the first try will save both your professional video production team and your client a lot of money. Only the most efficient teams, like our team at Skillman Video Group, are able to make the most out of their budget and optimize production time in order to produce the highest quality videos for clients.

What is Post Production?

In these three examples, the special effects were done in the post-production stages. The two videos with the large, wooden crates were filmed with the actors and the sound effects that create the punchline of the videos were added after. In these particular videos a live human was positioned out of sight, underneath the box and was instructed to shake the crate at certain points to simulate a live animal inside the crate. The animal sound effects were added later during the final editing stages. The text, computer screens and music were also added in the later stages. These small effects are integral details to the final video, and how they are executed can make or break the entire video project.

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For example, in the first video the music really sets the mood and adds to the limbo scene. If the upbeat, marimba music was not added during post-production the scene would feel awkward in flat.The second vide features an alien time traveler and the audience would not understand that what she was or the humor of the video without the space sound effects. Finally, in the third video the viewer would not be able to understand what was in the box if the animal sound effects had not been added in post-production. All three videos have voiceover narrations in the later half of the clip explaining what the client does and the services that they offer. This information is only available because of the work done in post production. Every small sound or audio detail that you notice in these videos was added in post production which goes to show the importance of sound in New England professional video production.

Skillman Video Group has the experience and the connections to create a successful brand video or short commercial video for any client. In another series of videos for the same client, our team brought in a pyrotechnics special effects team to create on-set explosions. See examples of videos with these types of special effects on our portfolio and read about them on our website.