Promoting your business with Behind-the-Scenes videos

(May 24, 2012) – At one of our latest legal video shoots, in addition to taking on-set photos, we also shot some behind-the-scenes video footage.

This was recently put together into a little promo video to show what it’s like to work with Skillman Video Group and why hiring a professional video production company is necessary to produce great-looking marketing videos.

Behind-the-scenes videos are a good way to promote and give potential customers insight into your business.

For SVG, this video shows the technical aspects of our work, such as the studio lighting and two-camera setup.  It also shows the various members of our team directing the client, revising the script, framing the shots, and creating a lighthearted yet professional atmosphere.

Client testimonials help drive this point home. Michael is asked about hiring SVG and why these videos will be more valuable and usable than the ones shot by him and a friend using his Best Buy camera.

The last components of the video on display are our post-production skills, like editing and title creation.  Within the one-minute length of the video, the viewer can get a feel for what it is like to work with SVG and why they should.