Social Video Media Marketing for Job-Seekers

The Boston Globe recently featured an article by Scott Kirsner, “Social media advice for job-seekers, from CEOs, HR execs & recruiters,” in which Kirsner posed the following two questions to company CEOs, hiring managers and bloggers alike:

1. What should candidates be doing with social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs to improve their chances of getting a job?

2. What shouldn’t they be doing?

Each company representative responded with particular examples of social media efforts they find compelling. HubSpot CEO,  Brian Halligan, recalls a video job application that got the applicant an interview with the company right away, because it “bounced around [the office] like wildfire.”

Bouncing like wildfire isn’t always a good thing for prospective employees. Some executives and recruiters think social media sites hinder an applicant’s chances: think inappropriate Facebook wall photos!

All in all, the interviewees, especially the execs of internet marketing (unsurprisingly), think social media marketing (of oneself) is a positive way to reach out. It’s “inbound job searching,” in which the company finds the applicant online.

Your online persona, that includes you’re the look and content of your website, microsite, blog, and various social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can be extremely public if it’s popular enough. Search engine optimization and video is the easiest and most effective way to enhance your online image so companies will give you the chance you deserve!

Even better if you can put together a clever video about a prospective employer’s products or services then you might be able to hit a home run. Not only can you get their attention for yourself but you can showcase your knowledge and excitement for the company and show you are a team player and can communicate the benefits of the company. What better way to get hired. Call Skillman Video Group today when you are ready for your close-up?