The Video Marketing Challenge

At Skillman Video Group we love to create professional videos for our clients and we have developed a new service that helps clients market these videos called Social Video Marketing. Social Video Marketing combines high quality video, with social media marketing and SEO to provide an ongoing video marketing service. The difference being that instead of just having a great video on the website, the client has a video that is optimized for social media and is part of an ongoing video channel that tells the story of company’s products and services while helping to drive leads for new prospective customers.

There are always challenges to launching something new or promoting new ideas. In order to promote Social Video Marketing we have decided to put forth a challenge for ourselves. We decided to put our money where our video marketing “mouths” are so to speak and develop a strategy to improve our positioning on the competitive term “video marketing.”

In six months we believe that we can gain a top-ten organic position in Google on the term video marketing (no quotes – just to clarify.) Not an easy challenge by any means, but we believe that with the techniques that we have developed for Social Video Marketing, we have a pretty good shot. Over that time frame we will keep you updated through blog posts and video and social media.