2016 Video Marketing Essentials

With the explosion of start-up companies over the past few years specializing in social media and video streaming, it’s been hard for Boston video marketing and video production companies to keep up with the influx. However, here at Skillman Video Group we have survived and thrived during this tumultuous period of digital upheaval, thanks to our tried and true methods. Here are three video marketing essentials that remain consistent regardless of the evolving internet landscape.

1) Personality Match

A Boston video marketing company must illustrate a client’s personality through its videos. For example, if the client is a touring circus, a low-energy video with several interviews may not make the most sense.

There needs to be a sense of thrill, danger, etc. However, for an accounting firm reaching into the business-to-business market, a testimonial or interview-style video may be all that’s needed for a calm and prestigious firm.

2) Relevant Outlet

In a similar vein to the above point, the appropriate social media outlets must be chosen that would best fit the client’s personality. For example, Snapchat is useful but only for certain brands that can provide daily and succinct content. Social media outlets like Facebook and YouTube are great for all kinds of video marketing campaigns, due to their extensive reach capabilities. However, choosing the relevant outlet also entails staying on your toes to remain timely. This means that companies need to have the capacity to instantly react to something that has the attention of the masses and ride its popularity wave. This can include campaigns that try to weave into viral videos, like the barrage of brands that hopped onto the “Damn, Daniel” Internet sensation.

In fact, several brands were actually faster to react than Vans itself, the company that had the most benefits to gain from the viral video.

3) Know the Campaign Objective

The first task a video marketing company needs to do before starting any planning is to confirm the desired objective of a video campaign with the client. What exactly does the client want to convey? Do they already have a basic concept? If so, build off of the client’s ideas, rather than trying to impose. If the client wants to convey a brand’s story, the corresponding video will likely require a very different plan than if the client just wants to promote their new seasonal product line.

With these video marketing essentials close to heart, a campaign can still be effective in the rapidly changing media environment. These core strategies are applicable from corporate video to YouTube marketing, and they will continue to be essential when the next big change arrives.

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