A Boston Video Company Recommends Marketing Trends That Can Increase Brand Awareness And Business Income

The immense popularity of media sharing sites is largely responsible for the rise of videos as marketing tools (take a look at YouTube, for example). Big companies actually ask the most followed personalities to increase awareness about their brand by asking for the opinions of these “gurus” regarding their products. Make-up companies, especially, are expanding their market by tapping into the influential power of YouTubers like Emily Eddington, Tiffany D., Bethany Mota and so many more who have thousands (or even millions) of subscribers from all over the globe, and who have are SEO-savvy enough to provide website or product links on their videos. This is just one video marketing strategy that works successfully for a lot of businesses.

Aside from video reviews, a reputable Boston video company points out that tutorial videos are also deemed one of the highly effective video marketing trends, and they’re here to stay. What’s exceptional about tutorial videos is that they establish the relevance of a service or a product that’s about to hit the market or is already available in the market. By demonstrating how a product can be used, viewers of the video are further encouraged to buy because they have already been provided a solid idea of how the product can improve their lives.

Using various video-sharing platforms is also an important trend to follow. More and more people are using these platforms because they are responsive and can easily be accessed using today’s popular portable devices. It’s not just YouTube and DailyMotion anymore – a lot of people are also turning to Instagram and Vine; therefore, it’s important to direct video marketing content to these sites as well because of Web users’ increasing preference for them.

Speaking of Vine and Instavid (where videos are short and sweet), they are creating a new powerful video marketing trend that target audiences are responding to positively. Really long ads are proving to be a source of annoyance rather than information. Short-form video content is emerging to be more effective in catching and retaining people’s attention, and businesses will do well to consider this trend and apply it strategically for marketing.

Another top video marketing trend is the use of artistic presentation through a strong creative or conceptual. It’s nothing really new, but audiences have more sophisticated tastes nowadays; therefore, businesses marketing their brand through videos should explore creative tactics that will automatically appeal to the sensory interest of viewers and leave a longer-lasting impression.

Lastly, “business casual” attracts larger audiences. Delivering a message in a formal but relatable manner requires careful calculation. The goal is to be taken seriously, but not appear too serious that viewers struggle to make a connection.

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