B2B Marketing vs. B2C Marketing

What is a Business to Consumer Market?

Like every industry, the world of marketing is complex in that that are different advertising strategies for every type of buyer – whether it be other businesses or the general consumer. The difference is significant, as B2B marketing is relationship driven, fiercely targeted, has longer sales cycles, and bases its buying decisions on the business’ value. The goal of B2B marketing is turning a prospective buyer into a consistent customer. While the result pays off, the process is more integrative and much longer. For a consumer, their main objective is to find a reliable brand, which businesses need to convince them of. Here are some tips for marketing to a business vs. to a consumer.

1.The Jargon is Different

For B2B, a marketer can use terminology relevant to the industry to effectively sell a product to other businesses. For B2C, the consumer must understand the advertisement’s message, and it must be deemed relatable by a large audience in order for them to connect and subsequently rely on the brand

2. Each Requires its own Marketing Strategy

Other businesses are seeking efficacy and expertise over the products that are being sold to them. More purchases are based off of rationality and logic. In order for another business to trust a product, the business selling it to them has to have an authority on the product. For consumers, they are more likely looking for entertainment and immediate gratification. Their buying choices are more often than not driven by emotion, which in turn can influence a company’s ad campaign.

3. B2B Consumers Want a Lasting Relationship

B2B consumers require a lot of information about the product in order to establish a lasting relationship, which will pave the way for future partnerships and campaigns. B2C consumers are not necessarily looking for a long-term commitment to a business. Regardless, brand reliability and customer loyalty are incredibly important for both B2B and B2C marketing.

4. The Buying Cycles Are Different

The buying cycle for a B2B consumer is much longer than the B2C decision making process. While B2C caters to immediate sales, B2B requires much more attention and consideration, which makes a business’ decision all the more substantial. When marketing to another business, it is important to remember that the process is long term.

5. Each Have their Own Difficulties

The biggest problem that B2B marketers face is the lack of time they have to create and sell content. In order to fix this, a strategy that plans for several years is necessary. For B2C consumers, they respond much more to an ad campaign that was given enough time and consideration to be successful.

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What is the Marketing of a Business?

In the world of consumerism, the ability to video allows for companies to creatively move their audiences. This can also apply to a B2B strategy. While other businesses want to see the product in a straightforward, factual fashion, that does not exclude the possibility for marketing with emotion.  Despite the fact that B2B will always rely more on the statistical facts, but the initial hook is just as essential. Marketers must always keep in mind what their advertising strategies will imply for their brands, especially because the pool of customers is so narrow. The purchasing decisions that other businesses may consider are based on the product’s actual value and the competition within the market. In order to attract a decent amount of prospects, the four key steps to take include:

  • Quality: Professionalism is key. A video, or a set of videos, must be demonstrative of a business’ expertise and authority of their product. Investing in a professional video crew is a good strategy in order to produce an impactful campaign.
  • Engagement: Distributing new videos is a good way to keep consumers coming back, either for new products or the latest updates.
  • Decent Planning: Use analytics and SEO statistics to see which audiences respond to a campaign.
  • Consider Advocacy: Having a client testimonial, or another trusted source in order to showcase the reliability of the product demonstrates that a businesses has loyal customers, which increases brand reliability.

All in all, video marketing is an incredibly useful tool that has the power to promote a brand and establish a powerful customer-buyer relationship. It is important to keep in mind that the content produced is not only meant to sell your products, but also to give an audience confidence in their buying decisions.

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