All Clients Are Unique

Skillman Video Group does not have a one-size-fits-all approach to Boston video production. We are hired by clients from all sorts of industries and backgrounds, and so we have to treat each one as a unique entity with their own strengths, weaknesses, and more. To successfully create a video campaign for any client, we always rely on several important bits of information that allow us to think in terms of video production while also allowing creativity to run free.

Client Vision

What does the client picture when they think about the message they are trying to get across? Do they feel that a new product line needs to be introduced via a candid tutorial video from actual company employees? Or do they feel that a celebrity endorsement will give just the right amount of energy to the tutorial idea? There is no surefire method to creating the best video concept, so it is up to the collaborative brainstorming of a client and a Boston video company to make the magic happen.

Skillman Video Group Vision

While the client has the final say on an idea, SVG brings two key factors to the table. First, SVG has a lot of experience as a top-tier Boston video production company, so we can offer advice or encouragement based on previous videos that did or did not work. We can also offer an outside opinion on the client’s personality and what we perceive. This is important because it is easy to develop a habit of using a standard description even when it no longer applies. A lot of phrases and adjectives get thrown around, but there may not be a lot of doing, and it’s important to address this fallacy.

Client Goals

This factor will serve as the main pillar of the creative ideas, because they all have to revolve around the goals of the client. Are they trying to spread awareness? Perhaps the client wants to reinvent themselves, which requires a completely different set of ideas than, say, previewing a new service. This bit of information needs to be what starts the conversation between a client and a video production company, because the ideas organically form after the client’s goals are revealed.

Skillman Video Group Goals

This factor will likely emerge later in the process, when the video ideas is already up and running. SVG’s goals revolve around providing the best video production opportunity for a client, and sometimes, this directly translates to us bringing in our video expertise. If a client doesn’t want to use lights for a certain scene, but we know that the lack of lighting will cause sub-par video recording, it is important for us to bring the point up and discuss.

These four important pieces must be discussed when SVG begins to make a new video for a client. Each pillar guides creativity in their own way, and they ultimately come together to craft the best video production.

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