Client Testimonial Video Production

IMG_3118Earlier this month, Skillman Video Group headed downtown to the headquarters of Carbonite, which offers cloud back-up services for business and personal use. We had been contacted by Stackify to produce a few client testimonials to promote their error and log management application, which is designed for software developers. The great aspects of this shoot were that we finished ahead of schedule, captured a ton of beautiful 4K footage, and were able to utilize some of our light weight, state-of-the-art LED lights to bring our production to the next level.


When we arrived, we were greeted with an amazing looking office with high ceilings, unique light fixtures, [can I talk about star wars?], beautiful murals lining the walls, and an appealing, open layout that gave a great sense of vast space to the floor of 2 Avenue de Layfette.

IMG_3181So, I was extremely pleased that we were there to document this space with all the power that 4K video can offer. 4K video might sound like an intimidating term, but another way to think about it is “ultra-high-definition-video.” The term refers to the number of horizontal pixels that are able to be captured, which is over 4,000. Typically, the monitors that most consumers use display roughly 1920 horizontal pixels, so if you have a monitor or television that can play 4K video then the difference is stunning. Yes, the quality of web video content simply gets better and better each year, and the pace of advancement is not slowing down.

That’s why Skillman Video Group offers services that are always on the cutting edge and are always available for your business’s web video marketing needs.

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