Top 10 SEO Tips

video marketing companyHow do I Increase my SEO Ranking?

Marketing is hard enough, especially having to keep up with social media platforms, Google updates, Search Engine Optimization. No, marketing isn’t easy, but at Skillman Video Group, our goal is to make the marketing process that much easier. Not only to we specialize in video marketing, but we are also offer: Brand development, online marketing, website development, consultations and corporate training, and concept to content services. We are proud of the services we offer, but even with all of that, we understand that all you may need in some guidance.

How Can I do SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a service of its own. It is hard to understand at times and like marketing, it is constantly evolving. Nonetheless, these quick tips will surely help you better you online content and gain higher search results.

Before optimizing your online content, it is important to have a target list of keywords revolving around your business or product. These keywords could be simple like “Boston Marketing” or a phrase “Marketing Ideas for Boston Companies.” The keywords and phrases rely on your target audience. You must understand your audience and know what they will be searching to reach your page. Some easy tools to use to learn more about keywords and phrases you should be targeting are SEMRush and Google’s Keywords Planner.

How Can I do SEO for my Website?

Once you have a list of keywords and an article written, you must optimize the page. No matter what publishing program you are using, it is imperative to optimize the content. If not, it has little use on your website.

Top SEO Strategies

Here are the top tips to keep in mind when optimizing the page:

  1. Use H3: For the header of each new paragraph an H3 should be used.
  2. One way to learn more about your audience is by Googling you the keywords or phrases you are targeting. Scroll to the bottom of the search page and look at related searches. These Google searches should be used in H3’s, Titles, Alt Tags, Tags, and Descrtions.
  3. H3’s should include any of the following: keywords, phrases, Google’s related search results, and/ or Google Answer Box Questions that are related to your services/ product.
  4. Link keywords/phrases in the article to: Other articles, pages on the site, or websites you referred to in the article.
  5. Description Boxes: Your audience will read this to get more information about the page. Think about what you look for when reading other’s description boxes. Provide information to make the audience want to read further.
  6. SEO Title: This is what your audience will see when you turn up in a search result. Use keywords, questions, or phrases to draw their attention. Also be sure to include your product name or business name [ Example: SEO Marketing Tips | Skillman Video Group.
  7. Keep the Title under 60 letters and the description under 160.
  8. Tags: Tags are not the same as Meta Keywords. In fact, tags carry more weight; thus, tugs should include phrases, keywords, and related Google Searches for your keywords.
  9. Fill out your Alt Tags: Alt Tags on pictures are incredibly important to fill out, which is why you should use the same tactics used for the tags, title, and H3’s.
  10. Category: Make sure you check the category that your article applies to. In WordPress, you are able to create your own categories. This helps with SEO for it tells the search engine what the article topic is.

If SEO still has you confused, look at how this article is structured and check out our blog page to learn more about SEO: SVG Blogs

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