Developing a Social Media Strategy

It All Starts With a Few Good Decisions


There are a lot of businesses out there that approach online social networks with excitement but may not have the experience needed to produce content that effectively engages an audience. On top of that, some habits that businesses make on social media can actually harm an organization’s online reputations. We’ve gone ahead and done some research for you, and found a few ways that you can think about developing a social media strategy.

1) Video is Huge, Like Really Huge

It’s been well-documented that people on social media are far more drawn to professional video content than text-based posts. Over the past few months, Facebook video has grown at a truly stunning rate. The social media giant even surpassed YouTube as the leader in “Videos Viewed” back in August of 2014 (with over 12 billion videos viewed!).

So, this is all to say that the way your business approaches video content on social media will have a giant impact on your organization’s online tone. And yes, professional online marketing has reached a point where savvy marketers need to use the internet to its fullest ability by presenting content in more dynamic ways than text based media. A company known for creative ways of catching audience’s attention is one that is doing well in an online world that has become flooded with great marketing content, which leads me to our next point.

2) Consistency Is Crucial

If your business wants to be known for a great, professional presence on the internet, then its social media marketing needs to employ a consistent tone and voice. Think about it, if users can reliably check a profile specifically for news, humor, or updates about a company, then they are practicing a consistent form of brand engagement. Users will be more inclined to actively seek out a business online when there’s an established expectation of great content. Luckily, video is a fantastic way of presenting a consistent online reputation. We produced a series of videos like these a few months ago, and they serve as a great example of this type of consistent online content.

Which Video Hosting Site Should I Use? from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

3) Make Fun Out of the Ordinary

The type of video content that really succeeds on services designed to host short-form content, like Vine and Instagram, is video that makes the audience see everyday life differently. Which, may sound like a lot, but it’s actually done quite frequently to capture an audience’s attention. For instance, just check out this video recently posted by Starbucks, which has gained almost 100,000 likes in the past two days.

Taken at a literal level, this is a video of a woman drinking a coffee. It’s just an everyday occurrence that millions of people repeat everyday. But, well, frankly it’s cool! It uses video in a unique way to create something interesting that could only exist through professional video marketing. Content like this is how your business can radically change its video social media marketing.

Professional Video Web Marketing

We at Skillman Video Group are in an interesting position when thinking about how businesses interact with the web. We’re business people who understand how to tell a great story, visually, and we are poised to help tell your business’s.  Video is a giant jumping off point, but spreading it through the appropriate social media channels is becoming the true way to make your voice heard.

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