What’s Big in Social Media?

How to Use Social Media for My Business?

Social media is constantly changing, which means that the businesses that rely on it to advertise and market their brands are changing with it. One of the most prevalent trends happening to social media nowadays is that once an individual platform releases a unique feature, after a certain amount of time, the others follow suit. This has become known as the “standardization of platforms.” The following is a list of the most popular social media platforms, and their latest developments.

Facebook Networking Tips

One of the most innovative aspects of social media is that it allows for a business to directly communicate with its audience, also made more accessible by being able to click on a link that connects directly to the main website. Through advertisements and a company’s account, Facebook gives businesses the chance to communicate with their audience through posts that appear on their timeline. Facebook is also the primary means to share information, articles, and relevant content. An aspect that is unique to Facebook is the capacity to build a personal profile and interact with other users, businesses, or organizations.

How do I start Social Media Marketing?

Recently, Snapchat developed Snap Map, an interactive, real time map that allows a user to track the location of fellow friends, concerts, festivals, or other popular events. While informative, the feature has been deemed slightly controversial. However, from the perspective of a business, a company event or promotion can be documented live, which connects them directly to their audiences. This development is unique to Snapchat, as the opportunity for users to document a “story” for 24 hours, something that the app invented, is a feature that Instagram and Facebook also adopted months later. This is an example of platform standardization, which incites competition between platforms as each vies for the most popularity.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Since its inception, Instagram has established itself as the dominant photo sharing platform. The app allows for users to share personal content to a following, a feature that businesses should be taking advantage of. The Discover Page, something that every use has access to, allows them to discover accounts and posts that are relevant to their interests. This makes a businesses more discoverable, and boosts the chance for a higher viewership. Due to the fact that images resonate more with an audience, companies have the chance to visually advertise in a creative fashion, therefore engaging audiences and personalizing the brand. While Instagram has adopted certain Snapchat-like features, such as Live Video and Instagram “Stories,” it will continue to set itself apart through the ability to share photos and videos.

Periscope Live Streaming

While Live Video is available across many social media platforms (i.e. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook), Periscope is dedicated to giving users the opportunity to explore the world through real time experience, which lets a business connect with its audience by advertising a product or service, communicating a message, or simply showing audiences a personable view of the company. In order to establish a long lasting relationship with its following, a business should take advantage of what Live Video has to offer, which is a chance for viewers to gain experience and learn about the company as a whole.

How to Use Google Plus for Business Marketing

Owned by Google, the largest search engine in the world, Google + allows users to connect to others in similar “circles,” by grouping them together based off of similar interests. Content is able to be shared both publicly and privately, which allows for a businesses to maintain control of its narrative by controlling what is able to be viewed. The platform also consists of instant messaging, photo sharing, and access through mobile devices. Based on its fanbase, a businesses is able to discern its primary demographics, and subsequently strategize its future marketing campaigns. Google + also has a significant on SEO and website traffic, and by establishing a wide network, it caters to organic search rankings and a prominent, visible brand.

YouTube Strategy for Business

The second largest search engine, YouTube is one of the most dominant forms of video marketing, which is quickly becoming the most impactful form of advertisement. Businesses are able to produce their own content, and are able to visually demonstrate the company’s features to its audience. To learn more about YouTube Marketing click here: YouTube Video Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Essential for all businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is an online portfolio and resume, which also allows users to establish a network with others who share similar interests, and companies who are looking for employees. Those who use LinkedIn are able to individualize themselves through accomplishments, job history, and education, and are given the opportunity to endorse specific skills which gives companies the chance to develop a connection with its followers.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

YouTube video marketing

For social media users to get the most out of a new, popular app, some of the features it would have to include would be the ability to produce authentic content, such as live video, self service, in which users are able to use the app for their own benefit, personalization and creativity, and social messaging to connect to people within the same community. Additionally, due to the consistent occurrence of global events, it is important, now more than ever, for the public to remain informed. Regardless of what the next popular app might be, one of its strongest criteria is the capacity to allow users to produce short, engaging content – both live and pre-produced. If a business wants to gain recognition, initiating a social media presence would be a good way to strengthen its marketing strategy. One of the most exciting elements about social media is that it is impossible to tell what could be coming next. More often than not, when a popular app is released, the world adapts to it by developing new trends, which is why social media is such a powerful tool for both businesses and anyone else who has an account. Unarguably, the four most prevalent platforms are Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Not only do they allow for users to post their own content, but they also allow for a business to advertise and communicate directly to its audience.


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