Word Smiths still needed! The Art of Writing Well in the Business World….

Whatever the medium of expression, words need to be strung together so that their reader can clearly understand and interpret what is being said.  Today’s video and electronic technologies rely on the power of good writing every bit as much as hard copy publishers of the past.  Here’s how:

Video scripting – every image and word spoken in a video has to be carefully chosen.  The purpose of the video may be to visually explain, present, instruct, or simply show something—but the best videos always come from the best scripts.  Without an effective and well written script, your video may ramble on or go off message.

On-Line Newsletters – The whole idea of a newsletter is to inform existing and previous clients of new products or services being offered.  Content for content sake is a wasted exercise from a business perspective.  A good writer can weed out effectively the most essential messages and communicate them in such a way that the reader will find it thought provoking and (the goal being) take action on it.

Blogs – Blogs have become important, because they deliver interesting, concise information to busy no-nonsense readers.  Blogs are essential in today’s business environment as they can provide essential information to perspective clients quickly (in the click of a button), and efficiently (with no cost to print). A well written blog can not only help bring traffic to your site, but convert that traffic into viable business prospects (when combined with video and SEO) as they see your expertise and experience first- hand.

Social Media – Keeping up with the Jones’s has never been easier than with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and’so on.  And while pictures can do the Show-part, well thought out words do the Tell-part best.  AND the words are what will draw in the Google searches!

Skillman Video Group’s service “Social Video Marketing” is a holistic approach to internet marketing where SEO, blogging, e-newsletters, web design/branding and video marketing combine into a powerful tool for online marketing.  At the heart of this service is providing clear, effective, potent content that will draw visitors/viewers/readers in and convince them to pick up the phone and call.  And at the heart of that content, is the ability to tell a story – you’re story.  Call today.