Video Content Strategy

The World of Video


There are many different types of videos – marketing videos, entertainment videos, videos with informational content, advertising and so on. One has to ensure to categorize each of these different kinds of videos accordingly in their YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting site. Video descriptions and titles should be written to best reflect the content and goal of each video in a concise and informative way. Great attention should also be paid to LSI keywords, as correct use of these will boost your video and your channel’s reach. However, none of this can be accomplished without first having relevant and well-edited video content. Take care to create and use the best video content available to you, as video is the most direct way to communicate yourself and your product to viewers, and a badly implemented video strategy can hurt rather than help. So put your best face forward, and produce your videos professionally and in a web-ready format. Once you have the best content you can produce, you can begin making sure your content strategy is solid and can maximize your video’s exposure.


Connecting to Your Audience

To have an effective video content strategy you must begin with who you are trying to reach. Do you have a product you wish to sell? Are you offering a service to business clients? One must speak to their audience in terms they will understand. A consumer will not respond to the same things a CEO would. As an example, if your videos showcase your company’s products, your goal is to provide a clear description of what they are and what they do, and include relevant links to vendors, perhaps a coupon to further incentivize customer interaction. If you are offering a service to businesses, showcase how your services have helped others. Testimonials are especially useful to convey how your service works. Always include relevant contact information in plain sight so that potential clients/customers can obtain more information. Once you have a cohesive content package, you can add keywords, or tags, to your videos to categorize them amongst all the others that will show up when someone searches, for example, YouTube. Careful use of keywords will make sure your video shows up when people are searching for terms that you want to bring them to your content. Keywords are a powerful and essential tool, but be careful not to oversaturate your videos with tags and keywords – you want to keep your content relevant to searches, or your rankings may suffer as a result.


By The Numbers

It is best to think of YouTube not just as a video hosting site, but also as one of the largest and most-searched search engines on the web. Having a strong YouTube and video presence online has been statistically proven to improve almost all aspects of your online reach. One third of all online activity is spent watching video, and your website is 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of search results if it has video. 100 million people view videos online every day, and while a good chunk of that is for entertainment, a significant amount of people are looking for services and/or products as well. Video also helps add a personal touch to your direct communications and email marketing – a video in your introductory email can increase your click-through rate by 96%, and helped reduce the number of opt-outs to email lists by 75%. It is definitely worth considering focusing more on your mobile audience, as it has been shown that the average time a video is watched is higher than desktop users; while desktop users watch videos for an average of 2 minutes, iPhone users have a higher time of 2.4 minutes, whereas Android users jump up to 3 minutes, with iPad users seeing the highest boost at 5 minutes on average per video.


Putting It All Together

Share ContentOnce your video channel and presence are properly established, it is important to link it to the rest of your media, websites, and promotional material. Increasing the visibility of your channel in this way will garner more traffic and views, and will create a good sense of cohesion for your whole brand. Customers appreciate well-crafted content, and having it all connected increases accessibility to your content. Share your videos and your channel on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and utilize your personal network as much as possible to further spread your content to people that might not otherwise see it. Make sure to consistently update your video channel(s) with new content – it is better to be consistently releasing content than to release a large amount of content at once and not release more for extended periods of time. Having a constantly updated channel is paramount to your content staying relevant in both your viewer’s eyes and search rankings. Channels and sites that aren’t updated often suffer, and make your brand appear inactive or inconsistent. With all this in mind, your content will enjoy better visibility and more views, and your customers will feel more connected to your content the easier it is for them to parse and navigate.


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