Best Types of Video for Your Online Marketing Strategy

An online marketing strategy is just that, strategic. Do you want to increase social media engagement, jazz up the home page of your website, or improve your sites SEO? Not all video is created equal; it’s wise to discern which type of video is best for the setting, purpose, and function you have in mind. Here is a short list of types of video and their best uses that might get your gears turning.

Marketing Video  This is a staple of online video. The idea here is short, sweet, and to the point. Marketing videos are designed, planned, and scripted. Best when prominently placed on your sites home page (above the fold) or in a sidebar on your site, this video will serve as an introduction to your business while conveying important and distinguishing tones, aesthetics, philosophies, and other subtleties and intangible aspects of your business that may well be the difference between a new client and a customer lost to the competition. As we’ve spoken about before, video has the potential to truly revamp your website. Statistics differ, but a clear trend through all of the numbers is obvious – video increases conversions, video increases click through rates, and even when the video hasn’t been watched but is merely present on your site, brand trust is built stronger and your business is perceived as more legitimate. Don’t underestimate the power of a good marketing video. Be sincere, be clear, and be bright and you’ll get plenty of mileage out of this video.

Expertise Videos This is another super useful video for your online strategy. The idea here is to answer a question that potential clients might be asking before they find their answer from someone else. Even if your explanation helps the searcher so thoroughly that they don’t need your business, that is okay. Later down the line, when they need more advanced services or have a friend asking similar questions as they did originally, they’ll think of you. This is a great way to get your brand in the minds of potential clients before they’ve even decided they want to seek professional help for their problem. Utilize strong keywords and optimization so your video will rank well and be called upon by Google when a searcher asks a related question. Be clear, be sincere, be helpful, and don’t be too pitchy, and you’ll be an answer before a client has even begun asking.

Social Media Videos These types of videos are gaining in popularity. The point here is that these video are specifically designed to be social media friendly, usually with the purpose to promote engagement, like, mentions, and shares. This isn’t to be confused with viral video. Viral videos are designed to be shared and promoted like a virus, these videos take a more realistic expectation. However, the success of a social media video is largely based on the field the video exists within, and how well the video is designed for that specific field. This takes a large degree of intuition and a savvy understanding of not only the market the business exists within, but the clientele, the trends, the future possibilities, et cetera.

Client Testimonial Videos Potentially functioning as social media video or marketing video, client testimonial videos work on many levels. The idea here is to find one or a few of your most satisfied clients and see if you can sit them down for ten minutes to speak about how your business has helped theirs. This peer to peer style engages the viewer and assigns human value to your brand or business. This is a great way to demonstrate your services and ability to help others.

Introductory Videos These videos are a great way to bring a human connection to your website. The idea here is to have short biography like videos that describe your staff members and put a story behind the face. This nurtures brand connection and cultivates a strong understanding of the company and the people behind it.

Live Event Video Capture the magic of a live event. The idea here is to promote a live event that your company hosted or was involved in. This is a great way to crystalize a moment in time and get years more mileage out of your live event. People love live events because so much of our world today is planned and scripted. Live events have a magic that draws people’s attention in a way other forms of video cannot.

With any video you choose, remember that quality counts. A poor video will reflect poorly on your company. Make sure you choose a video that is appropriate for the purpose you’re trying to achieve and that whichever video you decide on, that it is done with grace and professionalism. If you need help making video for you site, call or email Skillman Video Group for a free consultation. 1 (800) 784-0140 •