Boston Music Video Production: The 3 Key Aspects To Know

What Is The Purpose of A Music Video?

The purpose of a music video is to promote an artist’s brand and visuals to the audience. Most times, the music videos that are created are often the most popular tracks off an album or mixtape. There are all kinds of music videos, some with compelling stories, others as cinematic as a short film, while there are other videos simply there to entertain the viewers with not much story at all. For a Boston Production Company to film a music video it can be an exciting challenge for 3 key reasons.

1.) Concept / Idea

When an artist hires a video production company to create a music video, one of the most important things for the production team to know and understand is the concept and idea.

With all kinds of special effects, any story can be told. There have been so many types of music videos that have been straightforward with no special effects to videos with nothing but animation. By combining the talents of the producers, Professional Music Videodirectors, editors, and actors, it really takes a team to be able to work together and understand the common goal to create a quality music video.

Another important factor in shooting a music video is being able to plan a video shoot. When the production team and an artist collaborate, what is important for a director to have ahead of time are the shots planned out, so nothing is a complete surprise. Sometimes things are inevitable and out of control. But it helps the production team plan out shots so things go smoothly for both the artist and the team.

2) Camera / Equipment / 360 Video

As a professional video production company the equipment that the videographers use with now is vital.

Depending on the style the artist wants to convey with the music video, most music videos are now shot with 4k Cameras. For example, Artists like Justin Beiber and Nicki Minaj have shot their own music videos with a GoPro and even iPhone. With the songs, Chun-Li by Nicki Minaj and Beauty and A Beat by Justin Beiber. That is the style those artists chose for those videos. But in most cases, music videos are shot entirely in 4k.

The reason why shooting in 4k is so important is because it makes an image look very sharp and it looks great overall. The great thing about shooting in 4k is that a videographer can shoot A roll and B roll at the same time. This is possible because with 4k it allows the frame to keep the quality making look like it was shot with two cameras. For example, if an artist was singing on a stage, and it was a wide shot. The editor can still have that same wide angle shot and change it to a tight shot, making it look like it was shot with another camera.

Professional Music VideoFor the equipment, one of the most important pieces to shooting a professional music video is using a stabilizer or shoulder rig. This makes a difference in the video quality because it smooths out any jitter while the camera is recording.

Having smooth footage always looks great, it is not only used to stabilized footage but it can also be used an editing tactic for video transitions. For even smoother footage while editing, programs like Adobe Premiere have a warp stabilizer effect that even makes any video look stabilized.

Lastly, one of the coolest ways to shoot a music video is to shoot with a 360 camera. It is a new way of filming music videos that not many artists have utilized yet. One of the most popular artists to shoot a music video with this type of camera is Avicii with the song Waiting For Love. What is cool about this technology is that it is an interactive music video. It allows the viewer to look at the entire set of the video and see what is happening from one side to another. With technology improving, and VR becoming more mainstream, it is a fascinating way to film a music video, with Gorillaz Saturnz Bars (Spirit House). It is amazing just how far technology has come.

3.) City / Setting

As a Boston Video Production Company, Boston is a great city to record professional quality music videos. From Artist like James Taylor and Zac Brown Band, these are some artist that have music videos in this amazing city. The reason why the setting is so important is that the setting is where the story is being told from. Professional Music Video

Boston is a great city to film because there are so many landmarks around the city from Fenway, Downtown, and Seaport. Boston is such a historic and amazing city, it has everything an artist needs to shoot a great quality music video.


When it comes to music video production, these three aspects are important for a successful music video. With all kinds of equipment and editing software, there are all kinds of ways to shoot a great music video nowadays. But with the right equipment, the video content can come out even better. 


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