Google Authorship

Google+_new_logo Google is a company that continues to develop and grow. It implements new changes and tweaks its current formula in hopes of creating a better user experience. Late last month, Google decided to maintain this trend of change. This time, Google focused on Authorship.

Google Authorship utilizes linking. It links content that you have created, whether from your website or elsewhere, back to your Google+ account. In the past, Google would display the authorship information in its search results, including pictures.

It was recently announced, however, that Google will no longer show these results. A question that many content creators might have is: will this affect my search results? The answer is simply: no. Google is no longer going to display the pictures and text for a reason: it is not helping search results, rather, it on occasion can hinder them. In other words, as Matt Southern from puts it: “since Authorship didn’t help to increase traffic to pages, then site owners shouldn’t notice a decrease in traffic going forward.”

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