A Rise in Online Video Marketing for Small Businesses

A recent study indicates a rise in Online Video Marketing for Small Businesses. Many small businesses which don’t specialize in using the internet to promote their companies are starting to catch up with the times. More and more companies are getting websites so customers can learn about their services, and they are also beginning to embrace the idea of adding video to their websites.

In a study done by Ad-ology, it was found that “45% of small businesses are planning to increase their companies’ resources for online video in the coming year–that’s nearly double the number from last years similar survey.” The study also says that last year the number was only at 28%, which could mean that in the next couple years there will be a major increase in the online activity of the small businesses become more and more accustomed to social media and the advantages of having a website, it would seem that video advertising through these different channels may not be far behind.

Consider the success that businesses have had utilizing online video marketing. The company Blendtec, which sells blenders among other appliances, launched a viral marketing campaign with its “Will it Blend?” videos. The videos have had tremendous success as they showcase the Blendtec blender easily shredding everything from an iPhone 4 to a Rubicks cube. The point here is that the traditional 30 second commercial is no longer the only option, and with platforms such as Youtube, businesses now possess the ability to really think outside the box when it comes to marketing. So what’s does this mean to you as a Small Business owner? That technology has opened the doors wide open to market your product or service to a wider audience than TV, radio or print ads ever could – and all for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. The Producers at Skillman Video Group have the expertise and experience to not only create a beautiful video, but to also provide a platform to drive more traffic to your site through the use of video marketing, Social Media and SEO thereby increasing business. The study also indicates that it in the modern advertising and marketing world, it is no longer just enough to have a web site, but that web site can and must be used in a larger marketing strategy. With Skillman Video Group’s new service, Social Video Marketing, we can help Small Business’s create a market for themselves at an affordable cost. Call today!

Here are two links referencing the Ad-ology study: