The More the Merrier

Video SeriesIs more better? This is the question businesses should be asking themselves when it comes to their video marketing strategy.  It is safe to say that many companies have a lot of information that they would love to share with their target audience, but have hard time fitting it all into one concise (i.e. SHORT) marketing video.  In most cases (but not all) when you have a 5 or 10-minute video it is going to be hard to keep your audience’s attention….especially when the video is intended as “first contact” with potential donors or clients. This is why you should think about a video series vs one long form marketing video for your online video content.

A Video Series comes with many benefits. When there is a lot of information to share, a video series is a great way to creatively convey that information without overwhelming your viewers all at once. By giving them small bites of information, you not only give them time to digest it, but a choice as to how much information they choose to consume in one sitting – or what information they wish to go back to and watch again.  Another benefit is that you are creating more content for your web site that is very appealing for search engines and social media.   Boeing does a really good job when it comes to having a video series. They have taken one idea and expanded on it by making several videos.  They not only got their point across, but they have also shown their audience what the company is doing behind the scenes. That sense of familiarity and trust is something video excels at like no other medium can.

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