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If you’re on this page, then there’s a good chance that you’re using Google to help you find a production company in Boston. If you’re not looking for a Boston Production Company, and you’ve found this page, then I commend the effort it must have taken you to get here!

On this page, you’ll learn a little about us and then a lot about the services that Skillman Video Group offers to businesses in the Boston area and beyond.

Top Video Production Company in New England

Skillman Video Group has been actively creating and marketing video content for large, small, national and international businesses since 2005.

Our founder, Christina Skillman, who currently serves as our CEO and Creative Director, used her years of experience working in Cable Television and Documentary Production to launch SVG from an apartment in Somerville.

We’ve grown considerably since those days, and now operate out of our offices in Boston. Our success as a Boston Production Company is indebted to a variety of factors.

At Skillman Video Group we:

  • Have consistently been at the forefront of internet marketing strategies. The internet was a very different place in 2005. Memes were a virtual obscurity back then! But even then, we saw the potential for developing business opportunities on the web.
  • Approach projects like the creative professionals that we have proven ourselves to be. Skillman Video Group is comprised of business-savvy individuals who enjoy the creative process. We understand that creative content is valuable only when it complements a business’s strategy.
  • Can create video content in a variety of formats that’s interesting, and tells a compelling story about your business.

Video Production Services

Skillman Video Group is a Boston Production Company that offers a wide range of services. All of Boston video productionthese services are designed to give your business an edge over the competition when dealing with online marketing, the production of video content, and outreach obstacles. We firmly believe, and have the evidence to back up our belief, that video provides businesses with the edge that’s needed to stand out online.

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We pride ourselves on the video content that we have produced over the years for clients both large and small. For us, the most important element of creating videos is finding the essence of the business that we are working with. In other words, what is your business’s story? How has the business grown over the years, and what central tenets comprise your organization?

We are in the business of telling a great stories, which is why we are always eager to learn yours. Whether you need a video for external marketing purposes, or for purposes that are internal to your organization, we will help you develop your story into captivating, creative video.

Types of Marketing Videos

Skillman Video Group is a Boston-based video production company that can handle any request for your business’s video production needs. Whether you are looking for a corporate or marketing video, Skillman Video Group can deliver a highly produced video that can meet your business’s high standards. Through our detailed planning and step-by-step approach we make the video production process easy for clients to understand and be apart of without feeling stressed.

Video Production Services

Skillman Video Group has produced a wide range of web video content that helps showcase, construct, and communicate your organization’s stories. When clients or consumers engage with your business they are not only requesting a service, but more importantly they look to the culture, stories, and people that comprise your organization. Your product could be amazing, but consumers will be unable to form a meaningful connection with it without a well-told story to support it.

video production services interviewAnd yes, every person, business, and organization has a meaningful story and vision. From direct, internal corporate videos to start-up videos designed to showcase the faces and people of a business, the purpose of a web video is to tell a story. The trick to effectively telling your story is a creative approach to an intriguing concept, and Skillman Video Group specializes in moving from concept to content.

We have produced a wide range of videos for Boston business including live events and commercials, testimonials, brand, training, animation, and educational videos. We don’t just create a video for clients, we develop a long lasting relationship and lines of communication that makes the process easy and less stressful for both parties.

Communication is always an important part to our video production process, without it the concept would be lost and the client is disappointed. We want all of our customers, whether a small business or large, to feel comfortable discussing their ideas and changes they would like made. Communication contributes directly to a well-developed video.

Yes, SVG’s goal is to deliver a unique video with the client’s message, but we also look to do so in a timely manner that does not waste anyone’s time. Our thorough planning allows us to be prepared for any scenario and get the job done without the client having to break the bank.

We are there every step of the way for the client that way there isn’t any surprises come filming. We want our customers to know exactly what is going on and not feel discombobulated or unorganized during a video production shoot. In other words we don’t want the client to stress for that is our job, but our step-by-step approach makes it so there is no need to stress.

Our Approach:

  1. Discovery phase: SVG likes to conduct a ‘meet and greet’ to gather pertinent information about our clients, and learn their corporate language, business culture and even obtain knowledge regarding preferred aesthetics and design.
  2. Design phase: SVG launches into a conceptual design phase, based on the knowledge acquired at the ‘meet and greet’ and other methods of research conducted. During this phase we focus on the best way to tell our client’s story – be it animation, a series of testimonials, or a more complex algorithm of videos.
  3. Development phase:  Script drafts are created, storyboards are drafted, and casting decisions are made during our development process.
  4. Production phase:  Upon completion of pre-production and client approval, the product is completed and sent for final approval.
  5. Post-production phase: A complete and perfected marketing product is offered to our clients consisting of a high quality, well-written, beautifully designed video, web site, email or social media campaign. Enjoy!

Video Production Clients

We serve a wide variety of clients that require professional video production services in the Greater Boston Metro Area as well as to national and international companies. Our clients have been professionals from the fields of hospitality, education, law, health care and technology.

Skillman Video Group has worked with well-known clients like Legal Seafoods, Gillette and Yamaha. Whether your organization is a large, well-established organization, or a burgeoning startup that is looking to make an impact, Skillman Video Group can produce the most effective content for your web marketing needs.

With media constantly evolving, your business can count on SVG to always deliver a high quality video with creative content that will stand out from your competitors. With over 10 years of video production and video marketing experience, we work directly with the clients to determine the best video concept fit for their goal.  SVG knows exactly the setting, content, lighting, and video style needed for a high quality video that will grab a specific audiences attention or reach those outside of the targeted audience.

Top boston video production companySmall Business & Corporate Video Production

The videos we create for clients aren’t just average and built around a budget. We take pride in every video we make, and no matter what the budget is, our goal is to always create a unique video that displays the client’s story or message.

We understand that the video isn’t just for internal purposes, but it’s for a targeted audience, and as we stated before our approach revolves around the business’s audience.

At SVG we work with our clients to develop a video that fits their mission and business.

If a family-owned business wants to show off their commitment to their customers and work ethic, we then come up with a video that will show that concept off. For instance, in this case a testimonial video would be key. The goal is to show the businesses commitment, and interviewing the staff and customers proves that. Using real customers and staff connects directly to the specific audience.

However, in the case of a corporate business that is looking to show off a new prototype or product, a brand video would be best fit. It allows the business to present the product, and also show how it will positively impact the customers.

Video Production Experience

Christina Skillman is one of the top corporate video producers in Boston. She is the Founder, Sr. Producer and Principal at Skillman Video Group. She has a wide range of video production experience including experience in both cable television, corporate video production and documentary video production.

She has received many awards including a national award in the 2003 Hometown Video Festival for her documentary ” Billericay, England.” Additionally, the past Best Video Production companiesshe has received “Your Honor” Awards from The New England Legal Marketing Association sponsored by the Wall Street Journal. Christina has a Bachelor of Science degree in Television, Radio & Film Production from Syracuse University, Newhouse School of Communications.

If Christina’s resume and years of expertise aren’t enough, SVG is equipped with professional videographers, sound crew, and editors that also have years of experience, not to mention a wide range of high tech equipment.

We are one of the best video production companies in Boston because we create the best videos for our clients whether they are located nationally or internationally. We don’t settle for average. We plan, communicate, develop lasting relationships, and produce the video the client envisioned.