Facebook Video Marketing in 2016

(June 16, 2016) – Facebook video marketing has been an interesting trend to follow in the last 3 years. With increasing technology and extensive video production services, this social media site has broken all the marketing standards and created an easy way for businesses to create, entertain, and market their work.


There are many ways that a video marketing company can benefit from using Facebook as a resource for their company. Inspiring viewers is a method that will surely attract a lot of attention. These types of inspirational videos receive lots of likes and shares on social media, especially when they are professionally produced. Comical videos also have a large impact on marketing campaigns because the viewer is overcome with various emotions while still watching something as a publicizing effort.

Take the #TaylorvsTreadmill Apple advertisement that was widely accepted and loved by audiences. This video was trending on Facebook and relatable to so many viewers because the message that Apple was promoting was widely successful, with more than 17 million views currently.


A few tips for videos on Facebook are:

  1. Focus on entertaining
  2. Communicate a message
  3. Target video content
  4. Be consistent
  5. Have a call to action

Live Streaming

Live streaming is another amazing way that Facebook has changed the way we, as consumers, are interested in various businesses. Celebrities like Michael Phelps are on Facebook daily live streaming since there is such an interest in celebrity lifestyles, but companies have started to follow this trend and are gaining a steady audience. If this technique is used as a way to market and connect with the audience by answering questions being submitted live, this can change the game of business techniques along with customer service. This is a way to constantly gain traction on videos being used throughout Facebook and a simple practice that will grow interest in that given market. Live streaming is a relatively new resource that Facebook has introduced to its users but has already gained wide acceptance on social media.

Facebook Marketing

Businesses that are looking to expand their marketing campaigns and generate more interest in a product need to take Facebook video marketing seriously. Whether you have corporate video ideas or decide to live stream weekly, this is a form of social media that needs to be capitalized on. There is so much potential for new consumers, sharing throughout the different social media sites, entertaining while marketing, and getting your brand out into the world. Facebook is a fantastic resource that marketers can take to a whole new level with the types of video production capabilities available and truly have a one-of-a kind marketing experience.