How to Make a High Quality Marketing Video

How to make a Video for your Business

Hearing a story for the first time is exciting, especially one with a big climax. Imagine having the story interrupted right when the person was about to get to the best part, and not just for a second but a whole minute. Does the story lose its effect on you? Do you become angry at the storyteller for their inability to continue on with the story in a timely manner? When it comes to storytelling, the audience wants to be engaged and be taken on an uninterrupted journey. The same can be said for a marketing video. If your website that displays your marketing videos in low quality, or the equipment used to shoot the marketing video is low quality, the effect the video has on your audience is more negative than positive.

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High quality is always something you should take into consideration as a top video production and video marketing company. Whether it is the equipment being used, the setup, storyline, and post-production editing, a high-quality video makes all the difference. How much does a low-quality video affect your consumers? In a recent study done by Akamai, it was found that out of 1,00 people76% of the participants stated they would stop using a service if a problem such as buffering occurred several times. Having a website can be expensive but in order to gain traffic and maintain a steady audience, you must have the best network provider. If your video is taking a long time to load or a page containing content, you are more likely to lose that audience member to another competitor with a faster site. “Lower Quality Streams generated a 16% increase in negative emotions.” What does this mean? It means that people begin to associate negative thoughts toward your business or products when there is a low-quality video being displayed.

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When you hear brand names such as McDonalds, Panera, or Chipotle, what do you think of? Perhaps you have had great dining experiences at these restaurants, or perhaps you didn’t. Your website and marketing video are like your online storefront and it is usually the place a first time customer will go before entering your store. If your website pages do not load fast enough, or if your marketing video is low quality, blurry, and unfocused, a customer may correlate that with the services you provide. Overall, low quality produces lower engagement, but how can you fix this?

When it comes to producing faster load time for your content pages consider using the PageSpeed Tools by Google, which will give you insight on where your website is could use improvements: PageSpeed Tools

How to Create Marketing Videos

Creating a marketing video should be taken seriously, especially if you are looking for results. Attention to detail is incredibly important and with so much competition out there, you must be able to tell a story that is engaging and visually stimulating to the audience. As a video production and video marketing service in New England, we don’t just think about what you want to see in your marketing video, but what will be captivating to the audience. We get to know your business and product and then put ourselves in the audience position. What information is important for them to know? What style of video will provide the most engagement? At Skillman Video Group, we understand the importance of high quality. As a business owner and as a company, you want your services to be displayed in the best light. You shouldn’t lose customers due to poor marketing videos and slow page results. Not to mention, Google ranks websites with slow content results lower, which can have a major effect on your business.

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Don’t lose out on gaining traffic to your store because your website is lacking quality. Make adjustments so customers will have a positive experience on your website. remember, a bad experience decreases positive reactions and may be the deciding factor in a customers decision between you and your competition.

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