How Video Helps SEO

Two inescapable trends of our modern online marketplace: SEO and video.
I’m sure you hear and read about them constantly. Here are some simple and strong truisms that might clarify things for you and help you reach your web presence goals.


Why and how is video beneficial for the purpose of improving my sites search engine optimization?

Video above the fold — The better your video is featured on your website, the more effective it becomes. Not only is the video more effective, but the overall time spent on your site and pages visited will increase — even if the video isn’t actually watched. Yes, that’s right. Just the simple fact that you have a video on your site increases the amount of time visitors spend on your site and amount of other pages they visit. Professional video’s are impressive, make sure your video is just right and strongly poised on your site.

The trust factor — Again, even when the video isn’t watch, it is well researched and understood that visitors to your site actually trust your brand when there’s a professional video featured on your site more than they would if otherwise. As you may well know, in the world of business and marketing, the trust factor is one fickle slippery beast. Anything you can do to increase this is effort well spent.

Share-ability — Video is the most interactive, entertaining, compelling, and effective form of online media that there is. Nothing can convey a human touch in such short a time like video can, and it’s certainly more visually interesting than black and white text. With these components of natural attraction coupled with useful tips, a few funny lines, or a compelling new product demonstration, your video can gain real traction. However, it’s not only in the video you create, but how you delineate it throughout the web. Share it on social media, even make it explicitly for social media by employing a sense of conversation and personability. If you have strong social media channels (which you should, and if not, should be working on) your videos will reach an audience who is already engaged with your company or brand, and the video may be the point at which conversions are cultivated. Furthermore, people may even share your video with others in their circle of friends, exponentially increasing the amount of people who see your video, creating new “word of mouth” potential leads.

 Optimize your meta data — Search engines are smart, but they cannot decipher the content of a video, at least  not yet anyway. In the meantime, make sure you properly optimize your video so that search engines can find your video. This requires proper meta-data titles, keywords, and descriptions. SEO is a ever-changing field, so it’s good to stay current with the newest Google search algorithm (hummingbird), filter update (penguin and panda), and other general search engine trends. Make your video as effective as it can be by taking a holistic approach to it’s SEO.

There a few types of video that you can make for the purpose of improving your SEO. These are the best two kinds to use for your SEO efforts:

Expertise videos: These can be incredibly effective types of videos. The main point here is to create a video that answers a question of which you anticipate possible customers of yours asking online.

Say you own an iPhone repair and maintenance online store. When a searcher types into Google: “How to replace a broken iPhone screen”, they may see a few page links with explanations, and they may also see a few videos with explanations. Given that this sort of thing is rather technical, it might make sense to watch a video and see the process step by step as opposed to reading black and white text. Another key point here is to actually answer the searchers question. Properly present an answer for this question, even if it means that they may have figured out how to fix their iPhone without your companies help. However, let’s assume 50% who watch the video figure out how to fix their phone, and 50% do not. If your video seems thorough and professional, they very well may seek your business to fix their iPhone properly riding on the trust that the video’s professional and helpful manner instilled in them. These videos are particularly strong for SEO.

Marketing videos: these videos are great for increasing your websites legitimacy. Like mentioned above, video above the fold of your website creates an immediate sense of trust and increases the time spent on your site overall. This in turn translates into real conversions. When you want a professional, beautiful, compelling video for your site that helps promote your company, cause, brand, or product, you should consider using a well rafted marketing video to place above the fold of your site, and watch the traffic flow.