How Video Helps Your Business

The world is online. Content is the language of the internet, and video is its poetry.
People are bouncing around every corner of the internet all the time. Statistics show that 70% of people who visit your site will spend less than four seconds there. However, that same 70% will spend 2.5 minutes watching a video IF you have a video to offer.


Website: When you add a smart marketing video above the fold on your home page, web users will spend more time on your site, click through to other pages more often, and even convert to customers more EVEN without ever playing the video! Why? The mere presence of video increases brand trust. A prospective client will trust a company with a well designed website and a beautiful video over a sub-par site without a video simply because of the impression the website made on them.


SEO: Since the roll out of Google’s new algorithm overhaul and update Hummingbird, video has been given a higher priority. Why? Google search engine algorithms are fundamentally informed by human behavior, and the humans have spoken: We want video. Video can be much more informative with minimal effort investment. In explaining complex mechanical tasks, conveying brand aesthetic, delivering a personality, philosophy, or tone, and truly cultivating the ever so important human connection, video is a real game changer.


Hook, Line, and Sinker: Video serves two important functions. It can generate initial interest and it can close. People may find out about or be reminded of your business through a video they come across, and that is the best place to start building their trust and perception of your brand or business. Once they’ve done their research and need to purchase, they will be more likely to go to you than another company because of the human connection you’ve cultivated through your brilliant beautiful video content.


Social Media: Video is great to share. It’s quick, compelling, and memorable. It can be funny, informative, interesting, or simply helpful. Sharing your video will galvanize your community of followship and has the potential to get likes and shares so that other people may be exposed to your video too. This is the “word of mouth” of the internet.


Video is potent. It is one of the richest forms of content and can help your business in many ways. Don’t overlook it’s power, and if you haven’t utilized yet you should seriously consider doing so. We at Skillman Video Group put together some tips on how to choose the best video for you, which might help you decide and get started to a brighter web future!