Social Video Marketing in the Travel Industry

According to the U.S. Travel Association, $704 billion is spent on tourism each year in America. Clearly, the travel industry is gigantic, and competition is fierce among hotels and resorts vying for travelers’ hard-earned money. How can your hotel stand out among the myriad options presented to travelers? One way to make a name for yourself, and to build brand loyalty in the process, is through the use of online video and social media.

Hotels and resorts are elaborate products with many different attributes. A video is an excellent way to show that your hotel is top-notch in every respect – from the pool to the fitness center, and, of course, the guest rooms. Customers will get a first-hand look at your facilities, which is significantly more persuasive than using text or still images. Furthermore, you can take advantage of video testimonials to show that travelers of all kinds – young and old, business or leisure – can have an extraordinary experience at your hotel.

Having a strong social media presence will help you connect with customers and build brand loyalty. You will be able to inform customers about a special deal through Facebook or Twitter. You can put your television ads on a personalized YouTube channel so customers can re-watch their favorites. You can even directly conduct market research on Facebook and Twitter by asking engaging questions to your customers, such as where they would like to travel if money was no object.

Skillman Video Group can help with all your travel video needs. In addition to producing your video, we can get you set up with the latest social media technology. The greater your hotel’s online presence, the more customers you will have! Contact us today to get started!