Video Marketing on YouTube

Over four hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, or one thousand days of video every hour. That number is expected to surpass five hundred in the new year, so the question is: how do you stay relevant in the constantly growing sea of online video content? Here are some tips to making sure that your web videos receive the attention they deserve and get more YouTube viewsIMG_7353

Make Your Description Box Do The Leg Work

  • Directly below your video the first two lines of your description will appear. Characters beyond that will be hidden and must be clicked on for further reading. Ensuring that the lines that are always visible include a link to your website or latest offers and deals is huge. After the link is included, be sure to have a brief keyword heavy description that is relevant to your content.
  • After you’ve crafted an intriguing first two lines, you hit you the “read more” territory, but don’t be discouraged because this is important too. You have 5,000 characters to outline your video, link to other social media accounts, and utilize some target phrases and trigger words to beef up your SEO strength. Including comprehensive breakdowns with all of your online video marketing posts gives you a better chance of separating from the pack with a meaty product.

Make Your Videos Easily Translatable 

  • The beauty of the worldwide web is that you are able to connect with people all around the globe, so why let language barriers prevent your video content from reaching as many people as possible? New translation features on YouTube give you some options as far as how to subtitle your posts. file5981249389157
  • Crowd Source Subtitles and Captions leave the translating in the hands of the YouTube community, which is closely monitored by YouTube. This saves the hassle of meticulously translating each of your videos, and avoids the risk of producing inaccurate wordings. This feature can be enabled easily in the creator studio on your channel.
  • The Native Pay Service translates your content for you for a fee if the idea of crowd sourcing your subtitles is unsettling. Whether or not you decide to use this feature, it is a good idea to always select the default language on your videos, so viewers can translate the content themselves, or search for similar results in a different language.

Research and Regroup

  • Is the type of content that you’re generating significant or relevant to your key demographic? YouTube enables you to follow what types of promotions are trending and succeeding with your followers. Studying other popular videos and identifying what is making these brands stand out to consumers will allow you to narrow your field of view and create content that reaches more of your audience.

The new year is a great time to begin fortifying your online video content and approaching new or different strategies. Contacting a professional video production service to not only produce a great product, but to also help develop the concept is a great start to rolling out some truly affective online video content.

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