What is Social Media Marketing?

The age of technology has ushered in a culture in which the existence and use of social media has shaped both culture and society. It has quickly become the most popular and omnipresent means of communication between a business and other businesses, or anyone who has access to any of the countless platforms that are available. The reliability on social media has made the implementation of marketing tactics so beneficial to those who want to broaden their audiences.

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Social media marketing can be defined as the process that consists of distributing content through various social media platforms with the objective of reaching marketing and branding goals. The overall idea to keep in mind is that a businesses’ brand should be well established, and the content they produce, as well as the marketing strategy itself, takes shape around it. Through the implementation of social media, a business becomes more accessible to the public, which spurs an increase in website traffic and ranking. At Skillman Video Group, a Video Production Company located in Boston, we believe that social media is a necessary method to personalize our client’s respective brands. To do so, we offer guaranteed metrics, in which a client is guaranteed a certain amount of followers, views, or website traffic, and we will continue to work until the goal is met. This opens the door to experiment with different forms of social media in order to recognize the most effective increase in viewership.

Our steps for effective social media marketing are as follows:

  1. Development of quality and relevant messages.
  2. Recruitment and management of meaningful online relationships, in other words, networking
  3. Collection of ‘social intelligence’ through reconnaissance. The gathering of data through monitoring and listening to online communities is paramount to develop relevant messaging.- Understanding the audience.
  4. Integration of flexible, scalable and well-suited technologies to track and manage ROI on social media marketing campaign.
  5. Knowing what will resonate with the audience.

Some examples of social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram. Establishing a presence on these is a beneficial form of brand recognition and loyalty. Moreover, those who trust and rely on your brand are more likely to create accounts of their own in order to maintain contact and stay up to date with your business. Social media allows for a humanistic aspect to evolve from your business, in which people are able to see a more relatable, approachable, and personable facet that was not present before. The use of social media allows for an unbridled communication between the producer and its consumers, which forms trust and dependability. A business is able to control their own story by distributing the content they deem fit to advertise. The most impactful way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of establishing a network that allows viewers to be able to locate your website based off of what they type into the search engine.

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The keywords that a business establishes influences their social media presence, which triggers search engines to display your content, therefore improving search results and rankings. Platforms also offer the use of tags, which are customizable additions to posts that allow people to search for specific content; therefore, being able to access it with greater ease. This is why social media is so important. It not only puts a business on the map, it also gives people a greater chance of finding them through specific, personalized, pertinent search terms.

The choice to introduce a business to social media is a step into a contemporary and up to date marketing tactic. The world is rapidly shifting from traditional media, such as newspapers, magazines, and radio, to most of their content being distributed through the Internet. Due to the fact that anyone can make an account, and that it costs nothing to sign up for every platform, social media allows businesses to broaden their reach and viewership for free. Economically, this is a smart choice for any startup or nonprofit organization.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, meaning that having a channel increases the likelihood of attracting traffic to the main website. YouTube also appeals to a younger audience, and allows for a business to develop their brand in a visual, creative fashion. By creating channels that pertain to very specific content, many YouTubers are able to monetize their videos, therefore making social media their career path. This phenomenon is relatively recent, but it is a good example of how one’s persona becomes their brand. Other platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, give a business the opportunity to distinguish itself even further in that it is able to control the distribution of its own content. Furthermore, there are ways of self promotion so that certain posts are able to reach a larger audience. These include Facebook Boosts, and Instagram and Twitter promotions. The more a business becomes legitimized, they have a higher chance of becoming verified – the biggest goal for a company or entrepreneur looking to solidify their social media presence.

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Due to the fact that SVG, a Boston video production company, revolves around producing video content for our clients. It makes sense that our social media presence is dominated by it as well. For example, we offer a wide array of content on our website. These include, “how to” and training videos that pertain to consultation and corporate training, client reviews in order to maintain and improve our own reliability as a business, and product and brand videos. We also have our portfolio available, which documents our creative strategies and processes, and additionally shows potential clients the services we offer in addition to successful campaigns we have already completed. By providing examples, our reliability as a business and our brand’s credibility is solidified. The video production services we offer is valued on both a local and national scale, which represents the well founded message we want to uphold. In light of this, we encourage our clients to embrace social media as a marketing tactic. Through social media, a business is able to manage their existing networks, target their influencers, generate unique and specialized content, and utilize paid advertising. For example, Facebook uses data lines, which allow for a business to target certain demographics based on age, location and job title. The most important aspect of video marketing, for any business, is recognizing and maintaining realistic goals. It is important to know your audience so that you can understand the type of social media presence that attracts the most traffic to your site.