Concept Video

Miriam-Webster defines a concept as:  something conceived in the mind, a thought, an idea.  When you think about it, every product and/or service that’s out there begins as a concept which then needs to be visualized, verbalized, financed, produced, advertised, and finally accepted by its users.  Helping businesses define and visually express their business ideas has become an increasingly important service of Skillman Video Group (SVG).

Examples of business concepts that can be powerfully explained and/or displayed through video are:

Concept Video Blog PictureHow exactly does your service or product benefit its users (save money, save time, etc.)

In what ways is your product demonstrably superior to any competitor

How can your service make a profit for its users

How can you inexpensively demonstrate your specific features and advantages with multiple  presentations to your multiple markets



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Drawing upon our experience and understanding of the power of on-line Concept Video and Social Video Marketing, our first step is to meet with clients in order to fully understand the concept messages to be visually expounded.  Then we pitch ideas, both creative and technical.  We offer the latest technologies in visual mediums along with insightful creative ideas to expound the narrative of every business we serve.


Natural video footage, animation, sound and graphics, music and special transitions are all available. Videos can be one minute long, or fifteen, depending on what needs to be said. Take a minute to imagine your business engaging your clients and prospects with cutting edge, compelling visual content that explains who you are, what you do, how you are set apart, and how you specifically can benefit your clients! Wow! What a concept!

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