Concept to Content

Concept to ContentWhen you hear “Concept to Content” what comes to your mind? You may be thinking of a complex answer, but here at Skillman Video Group we are very literal when talking about “Concept to Content.” In the last couple of weeks we have been talking about how to best utilize the new Google algorithm, Hummingbird.  We found that videos show up the most when questions are asked in Google. With this information, we began the concept phase for our next video marketing campaign. We met and talked about the type of questions business owners are asking concerning video marketing. After much discussion and research we were able to come up with 6 questions that we would answer through video

Once our Skillman Video Group staff was able to do research about each question, we then decided to enter the content phase. We decided to do the video shoot in our office, and  we were able to get great video content that will be used for our next video marketing campaign. We used a DSLR camera and a second camera for the audio. Our staff spent about 5 hours in the office setting up, video shooting, and tearing down. We are currently in the editing stage and will be producing each video in the next few weeks and their supporting content (blog posts, landing pages etc) . Be sure to check back a little later and see each of our videos about how business can use video for their online marketing campaigns. Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140