Is Facebook Video Marketing Relevant?


It might be the first thing you do when you wake up, and when you have a little time in between work and lunch, or maybe it’s something browsed through as you’re settling into bed at night. Whenever it is, and wherever it is, we all check  Facebook at some point during the day. To keep in contact with friends and family, to see trending news and conversations, and equally important, to maintain a strong and healthy business.


Many social media websites and platforms have come and gone over the years, but Facebook is here to stay. That being said, conducting business via Facebook media marketing is an easy way to reach wide masses of potential clients. The quickest and most efficient way to spread the word is video marketing.

With the option now of having videos automatically play as people scroll over them through their newsfeed, reaching target audiences to let yourself (and your business) be known has never been so easy. You can link videos from most media websites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc), and without even needing to press play, the first few seconds of video begin. THAT is why a video needs to have both a high level of professionalism, as well as creativity that attracts audiences within the first few seconds. Much like the first chapter of a good novel, you need to draw people in for more. The answer is simple: video production services.

At Skillman Video Group, a Boston Video Production company, we take pride in giving businesses a video product to proudly share amongst their clients and colleagues, on their own respective websites, and on Facebook. We are located in the heart of the city, providing you with the very best Boston videographer available. Quality and creativity come first, as well as attention to detail and simplicity. Boston has a diverse variety of companies looking to grow and be more successful, and putting your product and services on video gives you that opportunity. You can reach not only your Boston audience, but a national and global audience as well. Put a face and voice to your company, your services, your plans of action. Facebook grows in numbers every minute of every day, and is one of the strongest platforms to post your media to. In the age of videos playing on their own, and everything being discovered daily on a Facebook newsfeed, get onboard the video marketing Boston express – post videos to Facebook!

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