A Holistic Approach to Marketing

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(December 1, 2016) – At Skillman Video Group, we produce a wide variety of professional video production content for our clients, including effective marketing videos, corporate training videos, live event coverage videos, videos for home improvement contractors, and other professional video content.

Our skilled team of Boston videographers, editors, and producers will help your company create and share an original brand message about your products and services.

Through the professional video content that we create at SVG, we will tell the unique story of your company because we understand the importance of storytelling in marketing and video production.

What is the Target Market for Healthcare?

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Skillman Video Group is more than just a video production service; in addition to creating high-quality professional video marketing content, we also offer other marketing services, including web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and corporate branding.

Recently, SVG has been working with a local professional healthcare agency and has been doing a little more than creating video content.

The client initially reached out to us, seeking help developing online video content and employee training videos for their group. We noticed that they were struggling with more than just corporate training video production.

Our team consulted with this healthcare company and helped them with a little more than the video aspect. We helped them develop a fresh new marketing plan and taught them how to implement successful strategies that are used by elite professional video production companies like ourselves.

Together, we constructed a marketing plan that incorporates web design, social media, and various forms of web marketing.

Corporate Training Video Production

We have the resources to help businesses like this example, and because they are connected to us as a video marketing company, we are able to help connect them to other outside resources.

Skillman Video Group has experience in Boston video production, so we know the best and most reliable professionals to assist any client with improving their online strategies.

In a corporate training session with SVG, we will consider a list of options and tactics for your business, including…

  • What type of content will best serve your marketing needs, including testimonial videos, training videos, brand videos, etc.?
  • The most effective format and platforms for reaching your desired audience include a comprehensive web campaign, a blog or social media marketing.
  • How to attract a combined old and new audience to content through SEO, brand redesign or an increased social media initiative
  • What additional tools could be helpful in your marketing plan, including email marketing campaigns and website redesign.
  • Planning in-house training sessions to teach your team how to handle these new strategies and technical demands of professional video production and online marketing

These connections matter, as networking is the root of all successful marketing schemes. Because we care about our clients and want to get to know them, we want to help them get the best deal, even if that means directing them towards other creative teams with different offerings.