Is Either Reach or Engagement More Important than the Other?

Reach or Engagement: Make the Most out of Social Media

Marketing is a large part of a business’s success. At Skillman Video Group we work to help clients create Marketing Video Production, but we make a point to keep up with all our profiles on the Top Social Media Platforms.  There are two very prevalent ideas in Marketing; Reach and Engagement. They both have to do with the how effective your marketing is to your audience. Each time you post to social media the effectiveness of your content is measured by how many people it reaches and the number of people engaging in response to your post. A lot of people question which one is more important. There are simple answers that can say one is more important than the other; but there are also answers that prove you can’t have one without the other.

Social Media Reach vs Impressions 

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The amount of people that see your content determines your reach. Having a high reach is a good sign that your company is marketing well. Everyone you reach is hearing about your company, so that is a good start to your marketing.

Post Reach vs Post Engagement

The response from your audience is the development of your engagement. Engagement that comes from your content will help spread the word. Using content that will help initiate response is the way to get people talking about your company.

How To Create Content to help your Reach and Engagement

  1. Ask Questions: Make your audience want to respond to you by starting the conversation. If there is a reason for them to engage they will.
  2. Timing: Make sure to be posting at the correct time to reach your market, as well as a time that they will be able to engage with you.
  3. Pictures and Videos: Visuals make anything more captivating. It allows for people to better understand a post if it is accompanied by a visual.
  4. Contests: Incentives are a good way to get people intrigued. Give them the chance to be featured on your page or win something. People are more likely to get involved if there is something in it for them.
  5. Call to Action: Providing content that initiates immediate engagement is a good way to get people

With every form of marketing content you want it to both reach as many people as possible and be engaging. Although people believe that one is more important than the other, but you can’t have one without the other. You can’t engage with your audience if you are unable to reach them. It is both equally important to reach your audience and stay engaged with them. As one of the Top New England Video Production Services, Skillman Video Group makes sure to keep a good focus on our Marketing Strategies.

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