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Producing Video Content for Social Media

The Right Professional Video for the Right Environment

When you’re producing corporate video content for the web, it’s best to start with the simple question of where will the video eventually be hosted? How do you want to distribute your beautifully-constructed corporate video? Are you going after shares on social media, or are you approaching distribution in an alternative way?

Well, using social media to distribute quality content is a cheap, effective, universally accessible avenue that will promote user engagement in an organic way. We’ve written about the importance of using social media for corporate video before. But, the long and short of why using social media is important is that social media is essentially low-cost (and usually free!) advertising that makes your business appear on the cutting edge of how people interact online.

What Types of Video Do Well on Social Media?

You may have noticed a marketing trend over the past few years. As both social media and video for the web have grown, so has the trend of presenting traditional content in untraditional ways.

By “untraditional way,” we mean an approach to video that doesn’t rely on hard sells or direct pitches of an organization’s services. The new chic in marketing videos for the web is content that entertains, informs, and approaches video or online hosting in clever ways. Let’s take a look at some content that’s doing an exceptional job of being clever, fresh, and innovative.

I love this ad, period. The Finish “Glasses, Glasses, Glasses,” Ad does a fantastic job of: using an original idea, presenting that idea in a creative way, and looking extremely professional and well-done. You can see the craftsmanship at work in every stage, from pre-production to color correction.

Another great piece of content that has been making its way around social media lately is this promotional website for Honda. Honda’s promotional website is a great example of how to tap into something that is unique for online video marketing, which is interactivity. I won’t spoil the surprise of what the concept for this video is, but click “R” on your keyboard while you’re watching the video. Just check it out.

I’ll wait.


Do it.

Both the Finish ad and Honda’s ad exemplify an effective approach to video for social media, which is the idea of conceptual video.

Conceptual Video and Social Media

We tend to equate “social media” and “viral video” but, honestly, creating a viral sensation with every new piece of content is fairly unrealistic. While having a viral hit would be great, don’t let that become your end goal. In the end, what matters is how you relate to your consumer. Create an emotional connection and tell a story that grabs your audience’s attention with a strong concept. A strong concept creates a playing field for your video where it’ll more easily grab your audience’s attention and more likely remain in their memories for time to come.

Crafting Your Concept

Fleshing out the right concept can be hard, so here are a few questions to consider when approaching your next conceptual project:

  • What does the target consumer care about?
  • How could we attract a new audience?
  • Do I have a universal concept that everyone will understand, or is this a demographic specific idea?
  • What are approaches that other companies have taken, and proved to be successful?

Our Experiences with Conceptual Video

Skillman Video Group is on the cutting edge when it comes to creating solutions for your conceptual video needs. We love telling stories in creative ways, for example just check out this conceptual video we crafted a little while back.

We had our concept, “showing modern marketing techniques in a funny way,” and ran with it until it hit social media. It’s done well for us, so well that we went on to produce another conceptual video.

This time we started with the idea of, “people with a great product, but with no clue about how to talk about their business,” and here’s the result.

At Skillman Video Group, we can tailor our services to your needs. You can send us a conceptual idea that you may have, or, if not, we can work closely with  you to help develop a concept, all in the service of creating high quality, professional marketing videos for the web.


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