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YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing in Context

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YouTube, the third most visited site on the Internet behind only Google and Facebook, is an extremely powerful marketing tool. With over a billion visitors per day, it offers an unparalleled chance to spread the word about your business. However, with over 24 hours of video content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, simply creating a video channel for your company and posting one or two videos is unlikely to achieve any noteworthy results. Simply put, there’s too much content out there for anything other than the truly innovative, exciting videos to reach the top.


Why Market Web Content Through YouTube?

Obviously, the goal of your corporate YouTube video is to one day drive sales. Video is the king (or queen) of online content, but it doesn’t mean a thing unless it can actually translate into a new client or increased revenue at the end of the day. Monetizing YouTube has long been a subject of conversation for business’s looking to expand their online presence. Even if an organization does not see a direct 1:1 return as a result of posting a YouTube video, simply having an active YouTube presence can radically transform how your business is perceived online.

The power of reputation management online is that the content provider is in complete control of the initial conversation regarding their business. If you publish a video saying that your company is the best at what it does, then the active dialogue online becomes exactly what you’ve said. So, what does it say about your organization if it does not provide any online content for consumers to watch?

If your organization produces a lot of content, then the bubble of positive content regarding your business grows considerably. Be in control of your conversation by publishing exciting video content on a regular basis.


What do Consumers Look for on YouTube?

Although individuals visit YouTube for a wide variety of reasons, visitors’ two chief motives are knowledge and entertainment. So, if you can produce content that is both entertaining and informative, then you’re already on your way to securing a worthwhile number of views.


YouTube Marketing and Conversation

But, more specifically, research suggests that consumers head to YouTube to research potential purchases. In the article “Forget Amazon. YouTube is Where Shoppers Do Research,” published by Zach James of Adweek, James explains how consumers often look to YouTube for specific product reviews and demonstrations. Interestingly, consumers do not just go to YouTube before a purchase, but often check out other people’s experiences with the same product.

If you want to have a part in the inter-consumer dialogue that happens on YouTube, then you’ll actually need to be on YouTube! For example, you could publish a product demonstration, like this one that Skillman Video Group produced, to give consumers a preview of what to expect, or to help inform them of aspects of the product that they might be unaware of.


Clearly Conveying Content

Now you know what consumers on YouTube could be looking for, but what does this content actually look like? Well, research and common anecdotes suggest a few things about what powerful YouTube content should look like.

Content Should Be…

  • Easily approachable: The more you can break down your information into lists and bullet points, the better. As technology grows, our attention spans seemingly shrink, so it’s up to businesses to adapt to consumers who like to absorb information in bite-sized chunks.
  • Short: Look, we are Video Professionals, so please trust us when we tell you that no one will watch a promotional YouTube video if it’s over three minutes long. And, three minutes is really stretching it. If you check out Google analytics, you’ll see that most people exit a page after the first minute of almost any video.
  • Fun!: Why are websites like Buzzfeed so successful? In part (obviously there’s a lot more to the success of Buzzfeed), it’s because they provide content that is generally fun! Of course there are more serious pieces on the site, but an article like “The ‘Scrubs’ Cast, Then Vs. Now” can stay on the top of the trending column for days at a time.

Old Timey Marketing from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.


To check out a real work example of a video that meets these qualifications, see ProWindows’ instructional video on how to fix a stuck window, produced by Skillman Video Group. Since people love sharing funny videos with their friends and family, another strategy is to create a video that aims to be humorous, while still getting the message across about your business. See this series of mockumentary-style videos that we produced for law firm Hamilton Brook Smith and Reynolds for inspiration.

A firm with professional video content would surely benefit from creating a YouTube channel in order to get more exposure. A video channel will keep users coming back to your site for the fresh and innovative content. With just the press of a button, YouTube videos can easily be embedded on your company’s website. Although YouTube is extremely user-friendly, getting the most out of your video channel will prove to be a challenge. The search optimization experts at Skillman Video Group can help you set up a company presence on YouTube, and to optimize your channel for maximum results. Call us today!


You can check out more YouTube statistics and interesting facts here: http://www.viralblog.com/research/youtube-statistics/


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