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As a kid, you were always taught the difference between right and wrong. Entering the workforce is no different, and again you are introduced to new qualities and appropriate actions.

Every business is different but when it comes to Boston video production companies these are the top 5 things every company should be doing vs. the 5 things that should be avoided.

Hiring a Video Production Company

There is very little room for error for Boston video production companies, for this field of work is extremely competitive. Every video production company wants to be the best, and wants to be every company’s top pick when it comes to video marketing or producing a video.

Here are the top 5 things Boston video production companies should do:

  1. Communicate
  2. Establish Trust
  3. Develop a Relationship
  4. Be Prepared
  5. Produce High Quality Work

Top Video Production Tips

Communicating with the client throughout the video production process ensures that the video will come out to the client’s satisfaction. By communicating you allow the client to give his or her input into the video and as the producer you are also able to better understand the overall business, which includes the message, story, and targeted audience.

Corporate Training

Boston Video Production Services

A client never wants to feel as if they are on the back burner or that they cannot contribute to the process in any way. Every Boston video production company needs to establish trust with their client, meaning allow them to give input and feel as if you aren’t wasting the business’ time. By communicating with the client throughout the process through listening to their ideas and incorporating those ideas into the video, the client will feel more comfortable and enjoy the process instead of stressing.

Marketing Strategies for Video Production Companies

Establishing a lasting relationship with the client comes with trust and communication. Relationships are important for Boston video production companies, for it means the business will hire you again for video marketing projects, and will also recommend you to other businesses.

For instance, over the years Skillman Video Group has established a relationship with MIT. The University continuously hires our video production company to shoot marketing videos and live events. By creating this relationship we have ensured that we will be the first call the University makes when a video production company is needed. However, this relationship developed through our professional video production skills, communication, trustworthiness, and preparedness.

Pre Production Tips

Preparation and organization is the key to a successful Boston video production shoot. It is one thing to tell the client that you have everything in order and the day will go according to plan, but it is another to follow through with an outlined schedule of everything from the call time, to interview times, lunch break, and b-roll takes. Being prepared shows the client that you take this process seriously and you don’t want to waste their time. Also, by creating a schedule it keeps the video production crew on task.

High Quality Marketing Videos

We have said it again and again at SVG: we don’t accept average work. High quality videography, and editing, guarantees the perfect marketing video for the client. Accepting average b-roll, interviews, and audio only makes your Boston video production company less reliable, and will ultimately lead the company to less business.

No one wants to work with a Boston video production company that doesn’t try to exceed expectations and is ok with low quality. Not to mention, a business is less likely to refer your company to others. As stated earlier, Boston video production is an extremely competitive field and if your video production company is unwilling to deliver high quality work then you will be unable to compete with the striving video production companies in Boston.

Video Production Do’s and Don’ts

Although knowing what is right and wrong as a Boston video production company seems self-explanatory, there are some things every production company should avoid:

  1. Being Selfish
  2. Disorganized
  3. Treating the Client like an acquaintance
  4. Producing Average Work
  5. Having the Mentality of “Just Getting the Job Done”


Being selfish comes with a lack of communication with the client. All Boston video production companies should take the clients ideas into account. Although the client may not have the experience and creativity as the video producer or creative director, it’s your job to have an open dialogue discussion of ideas from both sides. By only incorporating your ideas into the video it not only comes off as selfishness to the client, but it is selfish.


“Winging it” is a term no Boston video production company should use if they want to stay in business. Coming into a video production shoot completely disorganized sets the tone for the video, and the outcome is usually discombobulated with a lack of focus and message.

Your client doesn’t want to watch your video production team sitting around, dazed and confused especially when the client is paying for your services. As the video producer, you need to have an outline of the day and be prepared for every scenario. The last person that should be stressing is the client.

Treating the Client Like an Acquaintance

The client’s business should be completely researched before developing a marketing video. Everything from the clients message, audience, and story should be understood. The most important part of a marketing video is obtaining the attention of the targeted audience.

If your Boston video production company produces a video that isn’t relatable to the clients audience then what is the point? Learn about the client, understand their field of work, and put yourself into the mind of their audience. By doing so you no longer treat your client like and acquaintance, and instead establish a professional relationship.


Producing average work for a client is like saying ,“I know you wanted the best but we tried.” There is no need to be a Boston video production company if you aren’t willing to go above and beyond. High quality work comes with communication, organization, and deep understanding of the client’s business.


An average video is the product of the wrong mentality. How do you expect to stay in business in the Boston video production field if you are just at a video production shoot to “get the job done?” Video production companies in Boston are too competitive and your business will soon be weeded out and sent to the last page of any “Boston video production company” search results. If something isn’t working change it and if a shot isn’t visually effective fix it. To compete with the best you must be the best.

We don’t have any tricks up our sleeves at SVG. We have been able to be one of the best Boston video production companies because we avoid the 5 things you shouldn’t do, and stay focused on all the things we should be doing to produce the best video for the client.