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Making an Effective Choice

When considering which Video Production Crew in Boston to hire, we’ve found that business owners can sometimes be confused or frustrated by a lack of quality information.

Every production company claims to be “professional,” but what does professional mean in the context of corporate video production?

1. Experiential Knowledge of Video

If you talk to a student of film or communications you might find yourself wondering, “How do you learn to make videos in school?” or in other words, “What do you actually do?” Nine times out of ten the student will say something to the effect of “Well, you just go do it. You go make videos, then smart people ask you questions about them.” With video production, the most efficient way to learn is by doing. .

At Skillman Video Group, our Video Production Crew has been producing videos for businesses in the Boston area and beyond for over 10 years. Not only have we been working in this field for over a decade, but we entered this field prepared with an abundance of relevant experience.

Christina Skillman, our founder, CEO and Creative Director, created Skillman Video Group after producing her award-winning documentary Billericay, England back 2005. Ask anyone who works or has worked in documentary production about the difficulty of documentary production and even the most experienced video professionals find the documentary a challenging medium to work in.

By applying her experiential knowledge to the new context of corporate video production, Christina brings the perspective of an experienced, professional video producer to the field. The same can be said for any of the Directors of Photography, Sound Engineers, and Production Assistants that SVG uses in the field.

2. Efficient Workflow

Sometimes, working with an inexperienced video production crew can be inefficient. If the crew doesn’t understand how to properly use their gear, or if poor communication gets in the way, then the crew can fumble to the finish line. We don’t fumble here at SVG. We produce creative corporate videos using efficient, industry-standard methods of production. We carry this practice through the planning and post-production phases of the creative process.

During planning, we work with our clients to distill an essential message out of a business’s ethos and story. Before we begin, we must know what message the business wants to communicate. Is this a story about how the company was founded? Or, is it one that highlights the essential values of an organization? Or, maybe it’s a video marketing campaign designed to entertain potential clients on social media.

Our process helps businesses find their story, and our workflow crafts a creative product that effectively engages consumers.

3. Perfectionism

The word “perfect” is frequently applied to a lot of objects and ideas that are clearly not perfect. For example, go on Instagram and search “clouds.” There are over 50 million pictures that share the “clouds” hashtag. If you look through the thousands of comments that adorn those pictures, you’ll see the word “perfect” hundreds of times. But, what is a perfect cloud? What is a perfect picture of clouds? Perfection is subjective– a matter of opinion. At SVG, when we produce a corporate video, there’s one opinion that we value: our client’s.

At SVG, we don’t stop working on a project until our client’s expectations have been perfectly met. During post-production, client feedback matters the most. That’s where a client can give us specific feedback on what is or is not working for them. But a perfect product only results from the perfect process. Workflow becomes vitally important on set, like we mentioned before. So how does our Boston video production crew ensure perfect results?

By using state of the art technology and industry-standard practices, like advanced light histograms and exposure meters to calculate light values, the images we capture always look stunning.

4. Expert Communication Skills

Professional video producers, editors, cinematographers, and video professionals in general are in the business of communication. Our entire livelihood is based on the idea that series of images and sounds can express what language cannot.

Those of us who flourish in this field usually have some natural inclination towards interpersonal skills, which helps us effectively communicate with our clients. Our job is to communicate a business’s story to the world, and that process always begins with effective communication with our clients.

We’ll guide our clients through the steps that are needed for us to do our jobs, and we’ll take the time to actually learn what your business or organization is about. We pride ourselves on effective, professional relationships with our clients. These relationships can begin with a simple phone call or email, but always end with a stunning video that shares the value of your business with the world.

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