Why Video Marketing is Important

Importance of Video MarketingWhy Video Marketing?

Media is constantly evolving, along with the way we send and receive information. As a business, it is imperative that you evolve with your audience. Otherwise, you will become a thing of the past.

Word of mouth may have worked for your business in the past, but as people look to receive information in a short amount, video marketing has become the best way to do so.

Benefits of Video Marketing for your Business

2017 proves to be a year of video marketing. As more people are on YouTube during primetime TV hours, businesses are finding that the best content marketing is through visual messages. Though, switching your current marketing campaign to video marketing may seem like a scary investment, but here are 10 reasons why video marketing is important.

  1. Everyone is Doing it– Your parents always told you at a young age “if all your friends jumped off a bridge does that mean you should do it?” The obvious answer is no, but truth of the matter is everyone is taking advantage of video marketing. If you aren’t promoting your business through video marketing, your competition is. However, even though everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you should have the same video marketing campaign. Find ways to display your message and story in a unique way.
  2. Truth is Better Displayed Through Visuals– Whether you like it or not, everyone is on their phones, laptops, and tablets. Instead of saying why you are the best business or have the best product, your audience wants to see why. Or in other words, your audience wants proof about your products abilities.
  3. More Engagement– Again, more people are on their phones and laptops than ever. People are more likely to share, engage, or comment on videos compared to articles or blogs.
  4. SEO Improvement– Content marketing is used for the sole purpose of getting information out about a specific product or business, and using SEO practices to gain higher search results. Video marketing on social sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter can improve your search results greatly. Not only does a video provide more engagement, but will improve your search results. Video marketing creates backlinks to your website and also ranks for Search Engine Result Pages.
  5. YouTube Video Marketing – Video marketing allows you to optimize your video. By using YouTube best practices, you can create a YouTube channel that can work with your businesses website. Having a YouTube channel is another outlet to reach your audience.
  6. Lasting Impressions– Creating a captivating video marketing campaign can leave a lasting impression on your audience. As stated before, people want information quickly. Video marketing allows you to easily resonate with the customers by telling compelling stories through interviews, or using appealing images. Take for instance the Budweiser commercials with the puppy and Clydesdale horse. The video creates empathy through a lost puppy and friendship. This video left an impression on many viewers, including those who don’t drink the beer.
  7. YouTube is the New Primetime– Video marketing doesn’t mean you need to create a promotional video for TV views. In fact, more people are on YouTube rather than watching primetime TV. You can now reach more consumers without spending a ton of money.
  8. Better Click Through Rates– Not everyone has the time to read through an article. When searching for information, ads will always pop up. However, by imbedding your marketing video to your advertising page, consumers are more likely to stay on the page.
  9. People use Video marketing to make a Buying Decision– In a recent study, it was found that 68% of people say they use YouTube to make a buying decision. This means, potential customers could be looking for your product on YouTube to get better visuals and information. If you aren’t there and your competition is, whom do you think the consumer will choose?
  10. Promotes Content Marketing– By including a marketing video is your content, you should see more engagement on website pages. Getting consumers to your site might be easy, but retaining their attention may not. Though your website has a high organic traffic, the time spent on page may be low. This is due to a lack of visuals, or appealing content.

Importance of Video Marketing

If you are still uncertain about video marketing think about how you would rather obtain information. Do you easily resonate with pictures and videos? When scrolling through social media, are you more likely to read an article or watch a video?

Truth of the matter is, we are looking at screens all day, and pictures easily capture our attention. As marketing evolves, you can’t ignore the changes. In order to keep consumers interested and gain new customers you must stay on trend. Investing in a marketing video may seem out of the norm for you, especially if you are use to paper ads, but that is a thing of the past.

Benefits of Video Production

When creating a marketing video always keep the audience, message, and story in mind. Also, find the right video production company. Though this may seem easier said than done. With so many production companies available, it is important to find a company that pays attention to detail and gets to know your business and audience. Having a production company just come in a shoot a nonsense video just to say you have a marketing video isn’t going to help gain business. The marketing videos that succeed are the ones that tell a story about your business and product in a way that connects with the audience. No one wants information thrown in their face. That is why creating a marketing video with subtle information and important messages goes a long way.

Don’t lose business because you aren’t willing to invest in video marketing. Stay on trend and evolve with the times. If you aren’t, your competition is.