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When starting out a video marketing project in the Boston area, there are many options, and it can be difficult to figure out which company is the right fit for you. A good Boston video production company will have the best cameras, lighting equipment, and may have years of experience in video production. They might have a makeup artist on hand, an audio specialist, and know how to capture the most flattering angles. 

The limitation of most video companies is that they need your guidance to tell them what to shoot. For companies just starting out on a video marketing endeavor, this might be difficult. Companies like these need a video company who will help guide them through the pre-production and creative process to strategize on what exactly they need to capture in a shoot and what kind of video they need. 

What Makes Skillman Video Group Different?

Skillman Video Group is such a company. Our focus on discovery, strategy, and concept makes us more than a video production company – we’re what you’d call a “video agency.” What this means to you is that we’re both masters of the craft of video, and specialists at the strategic use of video as a marketing tool. We especially focus on businesses with more complicated products or services, whose processes might need explaining, and who also are unique in their marketplace and have a story to tell. The job of Skillman Video Group as a video agency is to work with you from day one to delve into your company, peel back the layers, and nurture your voice to tell the story of your company. Our creative director knows video intimately, and is an expert at using video as a tool to reveal the soul of your company, and ultimately garner new business.

With over fifteen years of experience in filmmaking, and a speciality in corporate video, Skillman Video Group has all the expertise of the best video production companies, but before a shoot takes place, we go through a rigorous process to learn about your our clients’ identity and goals and strategize how to transform their key messages into video. Unlike a video production company, which requires a creative concept before the shoot day, Skillman Video Group’s creative director will work with you to craft every aspect of your video content, with each element serving a distinct purpose. They will also be there to guide the shoot in the right direction. 

Our motto is “from concept to content” – what this signifies is that we’re with you every step of the way, working on a personal level, from discovery to post-production, to hone in on our client’s needs.

Our Unique Production Process

To take you “from concept to content,” we follow a unique process that helps us understand your company, strategize and plan, and create beautiful, polished video.

  1. Discovery:

Our first step is to learn as much as we can about your company – what is your identity, your audience, the details of processes that you’re trying to explain? We value curiosity – learning as much as we can about our clients helps us tailor content in later steps. 

2. Strategy:

Next, we realize the key themes and messages of our clients, and figure out what kind of video we need to produce. We’ll lay out the basic nature of the project, and figure out where it fits in the grand scheme of the video marketing campaign. 

3. Creative/Concept:

The Creative/Concept phase is where we delineate how to use styles of filmmaking, guided interview questions or a script, and specific shots and camera angles to visually reinforce our clients’ key themes and messages. If we’re planning on shooting interviews, for instance, we’ll ask questions like, who are we interviewing? What are we going to ask them and where will they be shot? Will the interview be shot on a Steadicam or tripod?

These three steps of Discovery, Strategy, and Creative are where the power of Skillman Video Group is most evident. Most video companies will start at pre-production and expect you to figure out everything that comes beforehand. Once the concept is established through these three prior steps, the follow through of production and editing will fall into place. 

4. Planning/Pre-Production:

During pre-production, we figure out the logistical details of our shoot. Who needs to be where when? Do we need any special training to access our shoot location?

5. Production:

The production phase is the shoot itself – conducting interviews, and capturing supplementary shots, or B-roll. Or, this is where the animation of a video might begin.

6. Editing/Finishing:

When we edit and finish our videos, we sculpt the narrative from our raw footage, strategically place B-roll, and add color correction, graphics, and audio, to create an elegant and purposeful final video.

We elaborate more on this in our page, The Skillman Video Group Process. We encourage you to further explore our site, and contact us at to learn more and get started on your video marketing project.