Business to Business Marketing and Social Media

Social Media IconsHere’s an Earth-shattering revelation: social media has grown rapidly over the past three years and has become a dominant method of online communication for consumers. Oh, you don’t live under a rock and already know that? Well, maybe you realize that social networks have changed the every-day-life of people around the globe, but the way businesses use social media marketing to sell products and services to other businesses may surprise you.

Let’s just get this out of the way. Social media marketing is free advertising, and if businesses don’t engage with these platforms, then they are passing up a great, virtually no-risk opportunity to reach clients or customers. Over 70 percent of adults who use the internet are on Facebook, and while Facebook is still the monolith in terms of active users, other social networks are growing at a consistently fast rate.

Furthermore, B2B social media marketing is where businesses get to fully control their organization’s story. By publishing content that reflects your organization’s mission, you help promote a story that says your business is innovative and up-to-date with how people use technology. Nothing says “current” quite like internet video content, as video has become the king (or queen) of online marketing. If you don’t believe me, then you can just go ahead and keep ignoring the fact that video streaming will comprise approximately 69% of internet traffic by 2017.

Talk to any person who heads a business that engages in B2B marketing and she or he will tell you that social media is often a successful avenue for finding new business. But, there’s one caveat about B2B marketing through social media.

While very few people doubt the importance of B2B social media marketing, so far there hasn’t been much empirical research on its effectiveness. This lack of clarity has sort of been the elephant in the room when people talk about B2B Marketing through social media. While we might not have the numbers, we have the common sense to realize that a business’s online presence changes when businesses host marketing content through social media.

The business is perceived as more current, more innovative, and more willing to experiment to reach their audience. Combine this approach with a video that accurately tells your business’s story in an unobtrusive way, and your business’s online presence will appear on the cutting edge.

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