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Skillman Video Group is a video production company in Boston that specializes in creating and marketing video content for companies of all sizes. We have been helping people from all around the world to better their marketing campaigns through the use of video production. Our team is dedicated to making sure that any business who seeks assistance in marketing their company can do so with an efficient and reliable crew.

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Since 2005, SVG has offered many video production services to businesses that seek marketing advantages through the use of multimedia services. The technological world is changing rapidly and many companies have to do their best to stick with the times. Newspaper and magazine ads may be affective for some companies, but many now have evolved with the 21st century. Many of these businesses have their own websites for easy consumer access, which will increase the reach of their product. But what is something that could help motivate people to invest even more in the business? If you haven’t guessed already, it would be a video marketing company such as SVG.

What Makes Skillman Video Group Successful?

The answer is simple but comes with a multifaceted explanation…


This may bring you back to the days where the score was 2-2 in your minor league championship soccer game and all the players had to work together to make sure the final score was in favor of your team. It’s a similar concept with video production. This operation can’t be a one-person show. It takes a team to create an efficient and effective marketing video for a business, and we at SVG can do that for you!

Through our many services as a Boston production company and the unique corporate video ideas we generate, SVG complements any business strategy to tell a compelling story.

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When a client recognizes that our production expertise would be beneficial to their marketing campaign, we schedule a meeting. This meeting is a general base line calibration of what the client wishes to see as their final product and what we can do to assist. Starting off with a strong foundation is key to making sure the video is exceptional and stays focused for the client’s wishes.

Here are a few things to go over in an initial meeting:

  1. Content for the video
  2. How long the video will be?
  3. Do we need to provide light and sound equipment?
  4. When is the client available to film?
  5. Budget for production
  6. Scripted or not?

These few steps before leaving the first meeting will not only help our video production Boston MA company, but also put the client at ease knowing that their business is in good hands.

Why Boston Video Production

Skillman Video Group has worked with people from many places but our location is in Boston. This is a fantastic city with so much to offer for production possibilities and many different clients. We constantly strive to make sure any business that comes to us is treated with the utmost professionalism and respect. We represent our unique marketing production company along with this great city.

Who Hires Skillman Video Group?

As a skilled marketing production company, SVG has clients that are from many different areas in the business world. From law firms, to colleges and universities, we work rigorously to make sure that each client receives a marketing production that fits their needs. One of the best compliments to receive as video production company is a client coming back with more projects. We have had clients from several years ago like MIT Enterprise Forum, MIT Sloan School of Management, Time Payment, Clough Capital, and WebsEdge come back to our company for more projects to be produced. We build strong connections with our DSC_0744clients to ensure their final marketing product is what they desired. This business of video production is not just about getting the content on camera, it is about showing a sense of understanding for the client. Recognizing the story they want to tell, capturing it on film, and producing a final video through the use of teamwork certifies a happy client and a happy business.


 Video Production Boston MA 

SVG works with many different companies on many different projects, but each one is unique. This means that our team has to prepare and work together to produce a marketing video production that fulfills the client’s expectations. Whether we are working on a corporate training video production or simply supplying Boston video company services, our goal is to create an amazing product while maintaining lasting relationships with clients.

Clients want to feel comfortable with their ideas. Production crews want to make sure everything on set runs smoothly. Post-production teams want to be efficient and make the final product exactly what the client desires. All of these steps require some form of teamwork and communication from the client to the production company. Here at SVG we strive to not only produce a great marketing video but also to create a product that our clients will be more than satisfied with.