Woman Video Producer in Boston

Women Taking Leading Roles in Business

Woman Video Producer in BostonFor years women have been making strides to prove that they have what it takes to be seen equal to men. Women have made good progress in the Business World from a long time ago, but we want to see more women taking the role of the leader in work settings.   Skillman Video Group is one of the Top New England Video Production Services, and our director is a Woman. Christina Skillman is one of the few women Video Producers in Boston.

Video Producer Role

There are different types of Video Production Services. Whether the project is a company based marketing tool or a movie an important piece to the puzzle is the producer. There are many roles a producer plays in the creation of video production services. Some of those roles include:

  1. Client Contact
  2. Budgeting
  3. Shoot day logistics
  4. Scheduling
  5. Post Production Management

The producer has many roles in the video production process, and their job is taken very seriously. One thing that stands out to us is how few women are producers in the industry. Recent statistics say that women make up 24% of producers in the industry as of 2017. In other areas of the industry there are less women. Only 7% of the top 250 films of 2017 had Women as the director, which is 2% less than 2015 stats. The industry is so large it is hard to think that there aren’t more women directors and producers out there. 

There is so much that Christina has done with Skillman Video Group to differentiate herself from the other Video Production Companies in Boston. Not just the extra thought she puts into the preparation by having discovery meetings before the shoot, but with the work she has created. There have been many shoots over the years that Christina has produced and directed that have allowed her to stand out. Here are three of SVG’s biggest shoots:

Women video producers

Online Video Commercial

In September 2016 Skillman Video Group shot a 5 part commercial video in just two days. This shoot was very different than most of the work done by SVG. Instead of being in a corporate office space, we worked in Red Sky Studio on a sound stage. This shoot was also the first time we used many of the special effects such as; fire, sparks, confetti, and cats. Many people were on set for this shoot. We had hair and makeup, wardrobe, producer, screen writer, sound mixer, our Boston videographer, and many more people helping out. It was the biggest production we have done so far.

Corporate Training Video Production 

Skillman Video Group worked has worked with many companies to create videos, but the Coverys corporate training shoot had different aspects then most. This shoot was not a form of Marketing Video Production, but a video to train employees. The company had seen dramatic changes over the recent years so they needed to make sure all their employees training was up to date. Christina worked with them to create corporate video ideas to help them train their employees. The pre-production process was important in creating the video for it ensures everyone is on the same page. Using discovery meetings and interview style shooting Christina was able to give Coverys just what they were looking for in their corporate training videos.

Music Video Production

Woman Video Producer music video shootRecently, in 2017, Skillman Video Group produced their first music video. There was a lot that went into this shoot; from casting to the final edits, and Christina was at the center of it all. She took the lead on making the big decisions for scene design and layout. Christina was also the director and played a huge part in every aspect of creating the music video. Finding the perfect location and making sure everything would be ready for the shoot date. There were casting calls held to find a model to play the lead, as well as a stylist plus hair and makeup artist needed to be brought in. Each scene was written out with full description to follow on the day of the shoot. Christina added small tweaks to the scene as she worked to see what would look best with the words of the song. This was a new experience for SVG being able to create a story to follow along with the words of a song. 

5 Tips to be a Successful Women Video Producer

  1. Be confident in your abilities
  2. Educate yourself for every project
  3. Have strong communication skills
  4. Stay on top of all of your roles as producer
  5. Great time management skills

Women as Video Producers

Each project we work on and every company we partner with is different. Christina uses her role as director to help companies tell their stories and create video marketing strategies. She is a woman video producer in Boston, and she is proud of the work she has accomplished over the years- as is her clients. More women need to see that they have what it takes to succeed and go for what they want. Find your inspiration and don’t let anyone you can’t do something. Everyone has what it takes to succeed, woman or man, but it’s up to them to put it in action. We want to see more women video producers in New England, and all over the world!