B2B Marketing Solutions

Business to business (B2B) marketing is constantly evolving, and as a Boston video marketing company, it is our job at Skillman Video Group to constantly stay on trend with the new social media platforms. Some may wonder what’s the point of staying up-to-date on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The answer is simple: The more we connect and share with other networks the more people hear about our video production and video marketing services. It should also be noted that by our company staying on trend with B2B marketing solutions it only helps our clients business’s grow.

Past Marketing trends

In the past B2B marketing has revolved around Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Moving into 2016 these media platforms are still the top B2B go-to’s. Social media sites such as these have not only created better video marketing tools, but are continuously evolving to implement beneficial strategies for video marketing companies. However, as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube continue to develop their analytics and marketing tools, other social media sites have taken the cue and are applying their own marketing solutions to generate more B2B customers.

LinkedIn & Instagram

LinkedIn and Instagram are rarely missed when it comes to listing top social media sites; yet, are rarely thought of as a B2B marketing solution. LinkedIn has always been business oriented and for that is a social media force all on its own. Not does this site concentrate on connecting businesses with potential employees but also applied a section to post blogs, which allows more businesses to connect and discuss the topic at hand. The blog posts aren’t set up like a “status” but instead like a newspaper. You are able to click on topics and read articles that directly relate. SVG has found a whole lot of benefits when it comes to LinkedIn’s B2B platform. We are able to read other marketing and video production blogs, as well as get the word out to Boston businesses about our abilities as a video marketing and video production corporation.


Analytics is another important tool when it comes to posting and sharing for B2B purposes. Although analytics appears to only be popular with the larger social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Google, Instagram has recently incorporated analytics to generate business marketing. Though having analytics as a marketing tool may seem unlike Instagram, which appeals more towards the millennial crowd, Instagram is looking to broaden its boundaries. With many bloggers and businesses beginning to use the site, it was only a matter of time before Instagram looked to evolve and implement B2B marketing solutions.

Every social media sites learn from one another and are constantly evolving. As a video marketing company we must be keeping up with these trends. At SVG we recognize the importance of connecting and B2B marketing. Not only is B2B marketing beneficial for our video production and video marketing company, but our clients as they look to our marketing practices as a reference.

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