Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

So you have a Boston video production company up and running, grabbing clients and all kinds of jobs, but now what? How does a company go about content and video marketing for itself and clients? Skillman Video Group specializes in this field for Boston video production, so here are a few strategies to maximize the efficiency of content marketing:

Content Marketing Strategy

There has been a huge push by companies across multiple industries to have a video or ad campaign that “goes viral.” While this tactic is extremely effective at generating traffic when it actually works, the problem is within itself; it’s a hit-or-miss strategy. There is no guaranteed formula to create a video that explodes throughout the Internet, but there are some reoccurring trends in the videos that do manage to go viral. To list a few:

Types of Content Marketing

1.Campaigns that revolve around socially positive messages.

Just last year, Under Armour shot past Adidas to become Nike’s main competitor, thanks to a powerful re-branding campaign that placed determined women at the forefront. No longer was UA a sports brand just for men, but it was also a brand for women with the drive to prove others wrong. The campaign also had online interactivity with Twitter to construct a message about blocking out naysayers. Model Gisele Bunchen was the star of the primary commercial, which weaved in actual toxic and sexist tweets from cyber bullies into the background of the video as Gisele exercised.

2. Shock value

This trend is more so common among viral videos from regular people, rather than actual companies, but it’s certainly possible. Old Spice managed to do this with their hilarious rebranding strategy a few years back, in which they used muscular men and ridiculous set designs to create a series of bizarre commercials. Even though the commercials were aggressively promoting Old Spice, anyone who was watching couldn’t help but remember the unique and often ridiculous commercials.

3. East-to-remember one-liners

This is a big reason why music videos from other countries (especially K-Pop) go viral in the United States. Although most viewers don’t understand the lyrics, there will be at least one line in English that is catchy and fun to sing.

The most famous example of this is “Gangnam Style” (be honest, you know all the English lyrics by heart). In terms of advertising, a catchy one liner could be delivered in the form of a slogan or tagline. Fair warning: This tactic is a gamble, because while a successful tagline can become a household phrase, an unsuccessful tagline can quickly become annoying and potentially turn away clients or customers. A great example of a successful slogan comes from Whataburger, which uses, “just like you like it,” for their slogan via a deep baritone voice. As for a bad example, think of the first car insurance company that pops in your head for this illustration, and we’re willing to bet it’s The General Car Insurance. Look up their commercials if you want to drive yourself crazy from irritation. Once you have a slogan, condense it as much as possible to ensure easy memory. SVG’s slogan is four words, but you may be able to pull it off with three.

4. Leave An Impression

This doesn’t mean that the content has to be outrageous or bizarre, but that a memorable illustration of the content creator’s personality must be made. This applies regardless of whether the content creator is a B2B company, a single person, or an ad agency. What is it that is going to make your content stand out from your specific company in your specific industry? Is it humor, like one of our clients used in a start-up video example? Does your video production company have a lively personality that separates it from all others, or does it have a more reserved persona, relying more on confidence from experience and a positive track record with clients? Figuring out where your video production company falls on the spectrum can be essential to future campaigns.

5. Content in Series

Content videos need to contribute to a larger content series, rather than just existing by themselves. This way, viewers will be interested in continuing to watch new content and will possibly subscribe to see more in the future, especially in the case of YouTube marketing. Try to make content that can be built overtime rather than content that can be splurged in one go. SVG has dedicated blog pages because we have the freedom to discuss an infinite amount of topics. As for video production content, we stay up to date with the variety of clients we film with and produce corporate video for or similar jobs. We recently worked for a skin-care company and created multiple tutorial videos for different cosmetic processes, allowing us to have a related series of video content.

For your next content series, keep these different strategies in mind so that you maximize outreach and promotion from content marketing.